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The penguins where the star of the show and the trail through the park let us get very close to them.

The never ending Ruta 3

Argentina is a huge country. It took driving up the Atlantic coast for me to truly grasp just how gigantic it was. Before starting our never ending push north to Uruguay, we were constantly crossing back and forth across Chile for most of our five months in Argentina. Doing this we avoided most of the eight hour […]


Ecuador- Lagoon Crater and Quilotoa Loop

We had our first evening border crossing when going into Ecuador. What looked like the easiest border crossing actually turned out to be one of the longest ones because of all the paperwork the truckers in front of us had to do. We couldn’t get to Otavalo like we had originally planned so we stopped […]



its about all there is to do.  Since we realized we’re out of money, things seems to have slowed to a crawl.  We’ve mostly halted the studio remodel except for the contractors we’ve already paid to get underway- not much we can do about those already written checks, and at …


Reino Animal no Etosha!

Nosso segundo dia no parque nacional Etosha no norte da Namíbia começou cedo, saímos do camping junto com o sol nascendo e seguimos em direção ao Anderson gate, o principal portão do parque e onde está concentrado os animais. No caminho cruzamos um grupo grande de veados seguindo em direção a agua. As girafas, que […]

Large cow large van

Prince Edward Island

We had some terrific experiences on this tiny island! It started with a ferry ride to PEI (as the locals call it) from Nova Scotia. We arrived and spent the […]

Unser Weg zum Fort Bou Jerif und dem wundervollen Campingplatz!<br /><br /><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pbReK_CMLuw/VZMDVVA7zTI/AAAAAAAAC-c/mleQG7w8HA0/s1600/2015-06-30%2B19.11.51.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pbReK_CMLuw/VZMDVVA7zTI/AAAAAAAAC-c/mleQG7w8HA0/s320/2015-06-30%2B19.11.51.jpg"/></a><a name="more"></a><a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KojlPsKX5sg/VZMDUxkW4gI/AAAAAAAAC-Y/Etk2DPo3ZvQ/s1600/_MG_0081.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KojlPsKX5sg/VZMDUxkW4gI/AAAAAAAAC-Y/Etk2DPo3ZvQ/s320/_MG_0081.JPG"/></a><a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-r4_v2SyL8u8/VZMDT7g__pI/AAAAAAAAC-Q/DM1l1b1ddOg/s1600/_MG_0083.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-r4_v2SyL8u8/VZMDT7g__pI/AAAAAAAAC-Q/DM1l1b1ddOg/s320/_MG_0083.JPG"/></a><a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FnGolSiKRwk/VZMEHu-Q4QI/AAAAAAAAC-s/lmMb2HaB7mY/s1600/_MG_0085.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FnGolSiKRwk/VZMEHu-Q4QI/AAAAAAAAC-s/lmMb2HaB7mY/s320/_MG_0085.JPG"/></a><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-L_afLEa8LTc/VZMEHO9giVI/AAAAAAAAC-o/i08DidqDCSg/s1600/_MG_0086.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-L_afLEa8LTc/VZMEHO9giVI/AAAAAAAAC-o/i08DidqDCSg/s320/_MG_0086.JPG"/></a><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3kr6tPV4Dpg/VZMEJBtIKUI/AAAAAAAAC-4/kmrbPhcsaRg/s1600/_MG_0088.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3kr6tPV4Dpg/VZMEJBtIKUI/AAAAAAAAC-4/kmrbPhcsaRg/s320/_MG_0088.JPG"/></a><br /><br />Das Fort (Befestigungsanlage)liegt am Ufer des Assaka Flusses und wurde im Jahr 1935 während der letzten "Pacification" (Befriedung) von den Franzosen erbaut. Ungefähr  200 Männer lebten hier und erst im Jahr 1956, mit der Unabhängigkeit Marokkos, verließen die Franzosen das Fort. Die Marokkaner unterhielten es lediglich bis 1969 weiter, denn mit Abzug der Spanier aus Sidi Ifni und der westsahara war eine weitere Verteidigung nicht nötig.<br /><br /><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HBxPLbIVp9o/VZMFQa-6cpI/AAAAAAAAC_M/6cNEFXAFjuo/s1600/2015-06-30%2B18.45.20.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HBxPLbIVp9o/VZMFQa-6cpI/AAAAAAAAC_M/6cNEFXAFjuo/s320/2015-06-30%2B18.45.20.jpg"/></a><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RyBQCwPIi-A/VZMFPMjVy7I/AAAAAAAAC_E/csrjdNSD9KA/s1600/2015-06-30%2B18.45.45.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-RyBQCwPIi-A/VZMFPMjVy7I/AAAAAAAAC_E/csrjdNSD9KA/s320/2015-06-30%2B18.45.45.jpg"/></a><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WifHWAa7DpM/VZMFYzGrwkI/AAAAAAAAC_U/Qf2VzhS19Hs/s1600/2015-06-30%2B18.56.24.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WifHWAa7DpM/VZMFYzGrwkI/AAAAAAAAC_U/Qf2VzhS19Hs/s320/2015-06-30%2B18.56.24.jpg"/></a><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yvc6-WbUr3Y/VZMGGOdHuRI/AAAAAAAAC_c/9vdNwmrlCmA/s1600/2015-06-30%2B18.57.17.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yvc6-WbUr3Y/VZMGGOdHuRI/AAAAAAAAC_c/9vdNwmrlCmA/s320/2015-06-30%2B18.57.17.jpg"/></a><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-P3HXqTXudBg/VZMGGFNR8tI/AAAAAAAAC_g/vv2iVcAsFrg/s1600/2015-06-30%2B19.05.02.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-P3HXqTXudBg/VZMGGFNR8tI/AAAAAAAAC_g/vv2iVcAsFrg/s320/2015-06-30%2B19.05.02.jpg"/></a><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i7MoiNLmlxw/VZMGNbBePBI/AAAAAAAAC_s/r_-q9X3Zt-0/s1600/2015-06-30%2B19.05.55.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i7MoiNLmlxw/VZMGNbBePBI/AAAAAAAAC_s/r_-q9X3Zt-0/s320/2015-06-30%2B19.05.55.jpg"/></a><a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bYX8VZbVlvk/VZMGzEJPIbI/AAAAAAAAC_8/ZLd8MtZOQKM/s1600/2015-06-30%2B19.11.02.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-bYX8VZbVlvk/VZMGzEJPIbI/AAAAAAAAC_8/ZLd8MtZOQKM/s320/2015-06-30%2B19.11.02.jpg"/></a><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5-766aWi5S0/VZMGtkKpFYI/AAAAAAAAC_0/mxPEy0kMFvo/s1600/_MG_0102.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5-766aWi5S0/VZMGtkKpFYI/AAAAAAAAC_0/mxPEy0kMFvo/s320/_MG_0102.JPG"/></a><a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-STJ9TwADCqM/VZMG6d9bCVI/AAAAAAAADAE/1Xs3FRyRrB0/s1600/_MG_0109.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-STJ9TwADCqM/VZMG6d9bCVI/AAAAAAAADAE/1Xs3FRyRrB0/s320/_MG_0109.JPG"/></a><a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SqngyTkGMk8/VZMHr3SRwiI/AAAAAAAADAU/zlUyVhJUNRI/s1600/_MG_0110.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-SqngyTkGMk8/VZMHr3SRwiI/AAAAAAAADAU/zlUyVhJUNRI/s320/_MG_0110.JPG"/></a><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-o62T5jwJAhI/VZMHjN_yHDI/AAAAAAAADAM/75rayk46vCM/s1600/_MG_0119.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-o62T5jwJAhI/VZMHjN_yHDI/AAAAAAAADAM/75rayk46vCM/s320/_MG_0119.JPG"/></a><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VD9t2lz23Gs/VZMHuUIQ6rI/AAAAAAAADAc/pAr091I2ncs/s1600/_MG_0124.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-VD9t2lz23Gs/VZMHuUIQ6rI/AAAAAAAADAc/pAr091I2ncs/s320/_MG_0124.JPG"/></a><a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JVmJarjBdks/VZMH7--e7oI/AAAAAAAADAk/F5SKGUPVruI/s1600/_MG_0128.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-JVmJarjBdks/VZMH7--e7oI/AAAAAAAADAk/F5SKGUPVruI/s320/_MG_0128.JPG"/></a><br /><br />Heute holt sich die Natur nach und nach zurück, was sie einmal als Werkstoff gegeben hat. Wir sind mal auf Entdeckungreise gegangen und haben uns auf den Weg gemacht. In der schönen Abendsonne und mit ordentlich Wind um die Nase, sind es vom Camp aus ca 15 Minuten zufuss.  <br /><br /><a href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0dmnPZ9Qq0E/VZMJvoKnCgI/AAAAAAAADA4/ZJN-KMLtKDE/s1600/2015-06-30%2B18.49.18.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-0dmnPZ9Qq0E/VZMJvoKnCgI/AAAAAAAADA4/ZJN-KMLtKDE/s320/2015-06-30%2B18.49.18.jpg"/></a><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9apG6j0YELg/VZMJ2SbIfhI/AAAAAAAADBA/6J-kX2bBBV0/s1600/_MG_0132.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-9apG6j0YELg/VZMJ2SbIfhI/AAAAAAAADBA/6J-kX2bBBV0/s320/_MG_0132.JPG"/></a><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pswjhOHARDI/VZMJu7RAicI/AAAAAAAADAw/C8LMzA3GMy0/s1600/_MG_0136.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pswjhOHARDI/VZMJu7RAicI/AAAAAAAADAw/C8LMzA3GMy0/s320/_MG_0136.JPG"/></a>

Fort Bou Jerif

Unser Weg zum Fort Bou Jerif und dem wundervollen Campingplatz! Das Fort (Befestigungsanlage)liegt am Ufer des Assaka Flusses und wurde im Jahr 1935 während der letzten “Pacification” (Befriedung) von den Franzosen erbaut. Ungefähr 200 Männer lebten hier und erst im Jahr 1956, mit der Unabhängigkeit Marokkos, verließen die Franzosen das Fort. Die Marokkaner unterhielten es […]


Leaving Fairbanks

We had a great time with the Adv-0-DnA crew. We swapped stories and beers, traded off some kid duties, and Jason did some sort of work on their Airstream. But, alas it was time to part ways. Our plan was to drive the famed Dalton Highway (formerly known as the Haul Road) to the northernmost […]


Alasca – A Última Fronteira

Alasca, a última fronteira. Foram necessários 304 dias de viagem, 58 mil quilômetros, 18 países e inúmeras fronteiras, mas finalmente chegamos! Há dez meses parecia um sonho distante, mas o tempo passou, ou melhor, voou e finalmente chegamos! Nós cruzamos a fronteira para o Alasca por Poker Creek, no alto do Klondike Loop e lá ganhamos nosso primeiro […]


The Klondike Loop

De Whitehorse deixamos a Alaska Highway na manhã do dia 29/06/15 e seguimos pela Highway 2, que liga Whitehorse a Dawson City, no Yukon, Canadá e de lá segue até Tok, Alasca, EUA. Também conhecida como Klondike Loop, essa estrada muito bonita é composta por três trechos: Klondike Highway (535 km), Top of the World […]


Two rather interesting hills

There comes a time in every traveller’s life when they feel the need to camp at the foot of an active volcano. Right? Well, we did anyway. We heard the nearby volcano Popocatépetl was quietly bubbling away. Conveniently in the same general direction we were heading. We arrived at the crossroads at the top of the […]

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Lo que nos dejó Panamá

Como ya es costumbre, les dejamos un resumen de lo que nos pareció Panamá en estos 70 días de recorrido por el país. Lo primero que uno nota (y de hecho le impacta) al llegar a Panamá es la cultura de consumo que se ve en todos lados. Pensamos que era algo intrínseco de la…


Descobrimos o paraíso!!!

Se alguém algum dia disser que o paraíso não existe, mostre este POST a ele… Uma linda baía, mar azul cristalino e uma cachoeira que cai na praia. Pode??? Essa cena é encontrada no Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, Califórnia, Estados Unidos. Toda essa beleza foi intensificada pela luz de final de tarde! […]

<span>After spending the better part of two weeks between hotels and hostels,  largely surrounded by other Europeans and Americans, we were ready to  get into the wild. Nothing against our country men, we have enjoyed  meeting and becoming friends with many of them, but we travel the way we  do, staying away from populous areas, so that we are more likely to  have meaningful experiences with locals, rather than people we just as  easily could have encountered within a few miles of our childhood homes.  <br /><br /><img src="http://i.imgur.com/7ZEMz7Ql.jpg"/><br /><span><i>Riding by a Wayuu home</i></span><br /><br />To  say I was craving interaction with the locals is an understatement. I  needed it. Somewhere between being robbed in Costa Rica and waking to  the retching of a pommy in what should have been a magical jungle  retreat above Minca, I had lost touch with the joy of travel. And having  heard that my Mom was sick while we were in Cartagena, didn’t help. My  heart wasn’t in it. My heart was split between wanting to continue the  journey and wanting to go home for a break. But we hadn’t yet found a  safe place to leave the bikes and so we had to continue. And if we were  to continue, I was adamant that we were not going to stay in another  hostel.<br /><br />We were keen to see the flamingos south of Riohacha, so  we headed to Camarones, where a few Wayuu and Afro Colombian villages  are located in which you can eat, camp and visit the flamingos with the  locals. <br /><br />The Wayuu are a fiercely independent and proud people,  never having succumbed to Spanish rule and to this day they remain  largely autonomous from the Colombian government. <br /><br />It seemed we  had arrived past the season for flamingos, as the settlement we arrived  at seemed to be deserted but for a few people. We were welcomed anyhow,  told we could camp there and directed to a closed restaurant that would  open just to serve us. A table and set of plastic chairs were dragged  out of storage and placed in the middle of the sandy road for us. While  we waited for our camarones (shrimp) and ensalada (salad), two local  kiddos entertained us by climbing up palm trees and dribbling a homemade  soccer ball in circles around Roel. Eventually, another pair of  tourists appeared out of nowhere and enjoyed the same treatment a little  farther down the “street.”<br /><br />Chatting and playing with these kids was like food for my soul. It was exactly the experience I needed. <br /><br />While  we were waiting for our dinner (the ingredients for which had to be  purchased somewhere else as our hostess took off on the back of a  motorbike for about 20 minutes), there were a few power outages. The  weather was fine, and judging from the way the children were counting,  this was a common occurrence. We lent our hostess our flashlights while  she was preparing our meal and suddenly, it seemed people began coming  out of the woodwork. 5 more children, including a toddler, arrived. The  mother of our hostess came out and kept an eye on the situation. And  more locals began to pass by. <br /><br /><img src="http://i.imgur.com/bYuCcQtl.jpg"/><br /><span><i>Shrimp and patacones. I enjoyed the shrimp, but I have to say I'm a little over friedeverythingelse.</i></span><br /><br />I’m  not sure if it was just because we had been so used to being in a  cocoon of Westerners and Western-catering business, but we began to feel  uneasy at some point during dinner. The kids had found another plastic  chair and pulled it up to our table. When the lights went out for the  third time, I felt the need to place a protective arm around the camera I  had set on the table. A feeling I loathed but couldn’t ignore. <br /><br />The  kids spoke perfect Spanish as did our hostess, who it turned out, was  their aunt. The grandmother spoke a few words of Spanish, but mostly  tried to communicate with us in wayuunaiki, the language of the Wayuu  people. At some point, she seemed to be trying to warn us about  something, and was alternately asking us to buy her a soda. We concluded  that maybe she wasn’t 100%, but then had our doubts about that when we  asked if we could set up our tent in a spot we felt would be more  private and shielded from the bright street light that had turned on  again: Our hostess warned us that it would be better to camp where she  directed as she could better protect us there. WHAT?<br /><br />The older  woman followed us and a crowd of children and more adults gathered to  watch us set up our tent. We briefly considered leaving, but by now, it  was well after dark and not knowing how far we were from Riohacha and  what we would find there, we decided to take our chances where we were. <br /><br />As  she shooed away the group that had gathered, our hostess warned us to  keep our belongings close to us and that if anything “happened” to yell  really loudly and she would come to our rescue. <br /><br />Her mother remained, staring at us for several minutes. <br /><br />Not exactly a goodnight that made us feel comfortable. <br /><br />At  about 1am, we heard noises coming from the beach just next to the  ocean. And a few minutes later, we heard a loud bang on the tin roof of  the structure we were camped under. Roel got up to investigate and  determined that it must be some local kids trying to scare us as there  was a chunk of wood from a nearby pile on the roof. <br /><br />Needless to  say, getting up to pack up the tent at first light was a relief. And we  were surprised that by the time Roel was out of the tent, we already had  an audience of small children watching me pack up our home. <br /><br /><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tel9RCdl.jpg"/><br /><span><i>Packing up the tent with a little audience... she was fascinated as I deflated our beds.</i></span><br /><br /><img src="http://i.imgur.com/PPEvSSul.jpg"/><br /><br /><img src="http://i.imgur.com/MpWw88cl.jpg"/></span>

Into Wayuu Territory

After spending the better part of two weeks between hotels and hostels, largely surrounded by other Europeans and Americans, we were ready to get into the wild. Nothing against our country men, we have enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with many of them, but we travel the way we do, staying away from populous areas, […]

Witt takes apart the refrigerator for something like the fifth time.

Cold Beer is Overrated

About three weeks ago when we first pulled into San Pedro de Atacama after crossing the Salar de Uyuni, our refrigerator stopped working. Part of the reason we stayed in San Pedro for so long (other than work) was to get parts for the fridge mailed to us from Utah. While we were waiting, we […]


Midnight Sun

So here we were in Fairbanks for the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. I had really been looking forward to this. But for weeks the sun has still been up when we went to bed, and up no matter what time we awoke, middle of the night or not.  Last week, Jason […]


North Pole to Fairbanks

Eventually, the smoke caught up with us and we kept rolling north. All the way to the North Pole. Well, the town with that name, anyway. Years ago, someone bought this town and re-named it North Pole in an attempt to lure toy manufacturers. Well, that didn’t work, but the other businesses in town latched […]


NAAR OEZBEKISTAN Uiteindelijk hebben we dan alle visa binnen om voorlopig door te kunnen reizen: Oezbekistan, Turkmenistan en vervolgens Iran. We nemen afscheid van alle bekenden in het hostel in Bishkek en gaan eindelijk, eindelijk weer eens echt op p…


Alaska Highway

Depois de visitarmos Barkerville passamos a noite em Quesnel e no dia seguinte (25/06/15) seguimos até a Cidade de Chetwynd, a cerca de 1 hora de Dawson Creek. Apenas no dia 26/06/15 chegamos na Cidade de Dawson Creek, marco zero da Alaska Highway, que liga Dawson Creek a Fairbanks no Alasca e tem a extensão total […]

Flowers & Other Beautiful Things

We’ve been traveling for almost 10 months, seems shorter than that at times but then Alaska seems a long time ago, even Mexico seems a life time ago. We’re still Continue Reading →

Spent some time on Saturday checking the bikes out, more maintenance and of course getting organised for the great escape to the Outer Hebrides next Saturday (if the good people at Cali Macbrayne don't strike again) A run down to the tea shop in Gullan...

Warm showers and sun, sidecarring along

Spent some time on Saturday checking the bikes out, more maintenance and of course getting organised for the great escape to the Outer Hebrides next Saturday (if the good people at Cali Macbrayne don’t strike again) A run down to the tea shop in Gullan…


Bine ați venit în România

Aangekomen bij de Roemeense grens vlakbij Durankulak vraagt de douane ambtenaar naar onze paspoorten. Hij zegt tegen zijn collega: Ollanda, en we zijn in 2 minuten de grens over en dan rijden we in Roemenië. We rijden vlot door naar onze camping net buiten Mangalia. Het is een mooie camping met schoon en fris sanitair, […]

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