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Worst Vacation Ever

tomorrow we may lose our bus…

We made it back to town yesterday and boarded the bus for san jose.  It turned out to be first come first serve despite the fact that we bought tickets the day before, but we were among the first in line and make the cut.  My fever had broken overnight thanks to a few…

04/15/2014 – 285 days/25260 miles

After heading east across the Belum Rainforest and the thai iced tea-looking Kelantan river, I arrived in Kota Bharu, capital of the state of Kelantan.

One very big difference I’ve noticed in Malaysia, compared to Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, is that it’s very common to see signs in various languages. In the other countries, it seemed like you typically saw…

La Falda part 2

We headed out today for a drive along to the next town and up into the Camino de Artesanias. This is a bad washed out dirt road which surprisingly has shops and stores dotted along it. The first stop was an over 100 year old farm where they make sweets and cookies from the fruits grown there.

Next we headed…

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is often called one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and rightfully so. This place is incredible. It’s another UNESCO World Hertiage site, and although I have been before, I’m looking forward to the return visit. I remember it as a hot place and that characteristic of this place seems to have remained the same.

Cahuita and other Caribbean beaches

Our days here are slow and lazy.  We lay in the hammock, jen reads while i write.  When we get to bored or too hot we walk down the street and plunge into the ocean with the handful of locals on the beach.
We’ve been told by several sources that the primary reason we don’t see more tourism here is…

Budget: Mainland Mexico

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Easter, what a great weekend

We made the most of the Easter break leaving work on our bikes on Thursday night and heading up to the Ardnamurchan peninsula for the evening. By the time we got there it was still sunny but it was dropping fast and the cold started. Our stove was on the way out but luckily it lasted long enough to make…

Two Nights in the Orchard

Almost two years ago when Europe still felt like a world away we were contacted by a fellow Volkswagen owner and mechanical engineer from Turkey, interested in obtaining a copy of the CAD file that Brad made of Nacho’s body, which he had used to design our cabinets. Eren, after receiving the file, invited us to his home for tea if…

North-ward bound

Up and away from Ushuaia

It was tough to pull ourselves away from Ushuaia. Not only did we enjoy some spectacular weather and the great company and hospitality of some new friends, but it also meant beginning the journey back home. Even though we have a few more months ahead of us on the road, it definitely feels different now…

A year’s Memorable moments (Kenya)

Reaching Nairobi was for us a huge feat!  We saw it as the last frontier before leaving the Africa that we know (we thought) and going into the unknown. We enjoyed Kenya.
Experiencing the notorious Nairobi traffic

The disappointment when we reached Jungle Junction. Expected too much methinks.

Japanese idea of camping at JJ’s Nairobi

Experiencing a gathering of Wildebeest…

A year’s memorable moments (Tanzania)

Crossing the border from Malawi into Tanzania was (for us) the REAL BEGINNING) of our Africa experience……..and it really was!
Sith, our very capable Insurance agent at the Malawian/Tanzanian border post

The Malmesbury lady that decorated our tent at Utengela Coffee Estate, Mbeya while the rest of the group were inspecting our bakkie

Chongela, owner of Chongela’s Campsite near Ruaha…

Volunteering with the Honduras Child Alliance

The next stop for us was El Porvenir, where we would be situated for a week volunteering with the Muskoka Foundation and Honduras Child Alliance.  Prior to our departure from Vancouver we organized a used camera drive and collected several point and shoot cameras, as well as a DSLR all donated by friends and work colleagues.  We also collected donations…

Campeche, Mexico

On the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and the western side of the Yucatan Peninsula, lies the capital city of the State of Campeche, Campeche the city. It is another UNESCO World Heritage site. The city was originally founded around 1540 by the Spanish. It’s a lovely colonial city and I’m so glad it happened to work out that…

Belize Part 3- Rivers and pine forests

Caves Branch
Before our jungle adventures (and the resulting heat exhaustion) we had planned to do the ATM caves, where you hiked through the jungle and then walked and swam through caves for hours to finally get to a cave full of Mayan skeletons and pottery. The Mayan believed caves are the entrance to the watery underworld, and would leave…

La falda

The big thing to do here in Argentina is to have an Asado, which is a special kind of BBQ. There is an art to making the fire and the cooking is done over the coals only. The meat is served to wooden plates and you cut it with huge jewelled knives.

Well it has been pouring rain and thunder…

Overheated: Nicaragua Part II

Another day, another beach. Life is hard for us Adventurers.

I was pretty excited as we drove away from Laguna de Apoyo towards Granada. I knew that this was one of Victoria’s favorite places, and considering how beautiful and fun the lake had been, that could only mean good things. Plus, the drive was nice and short! Maya curled up…


On our way down to Ushuaia, we spent one night in Rio Grande, on the north part of the island of Tierra del Fuego. It happened to be the first of April, on the eve of the anniversary of Argentina’s failed invasion of the Falkland Islands/Malvinas. So the following morning, we went to the act in homage of the anniversary.…

The Ruins at Palenque

Palenque is one of the many Mayan cities in Mexico. It was a center for government, commerce and life in the 7th century. Palenque was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site almost 30 years ago, and it’s an incredibly place to visit. The Temple of the Inscriptions was built in the late 670s as a tomb for Janaab Pakal, who…

A year’s memorable moments

While travelling through the whole Continent of Africa, you are sometimes forced to wait and wile your time. Sometimes it is because of the absurd heavy traffic or a burst water pipe in the Centre  of Khartoum blocking the early morning traffic while you tried to rise early to get out of the city en route to the Ethiopian border…

Belize Part 2- “I think I hate the jungle!”

About an hour into our three hour hot, humid, jungle hike in St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park, Sam was telling me a story about how when he was a kid he dreamed about exploring the jungle. Who doesn’t want to be Indiana Jones when they are young? Movies like Swiss Family Robinson make the jungle seem so adventurous and…

Patagonia in”spire”s

We bid farewell to our new friends and hopped into the truck, ready for yet another border crossing.  No more than ten minutes after we entered the aduana building, we were leaving Chile, both of us stamped out of the country and the truck’s permit cancelled.  Why couldn’t Central America’s borders be this easy?

Pulling over for a roadside lunch,…

04/12/2014 – 282 days/25125 miles

With 25125 miles on the clock since leaving Denver, I’ve gone further than the 24860 mile circumference of the earth. I thought that was kinda cool…
I’ve left Thailand and entered Malaysia.  I’m already missing eating pad thai on a regular basis, but at least the wonderful roads make up for that loss.  So far, I’d say the roads here…

Costa Rica 3 – Guanacaste. Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, La Paz and Sonzapote and on to the border with Nicaragua.

25th – 26th January 2014 – We continue north through the Guanacaste region to visit Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, one of the oldest and biggest parks in Costa Rica, which covers most of the Peninsula Santa Elena that juts out into the Pacific in the far northwest.  This peninsula protects the largest remaining stand of tropical, dry forest in Central…

The importance of preparedness

Or the complete lack thereof…  We felt really quite proud of ourselves yesterday.  Not only did we stay up and enjoy every possible second of ‘nawlins the night before, we also managed to wake up when our alarm went off (despite only an hour and a half of sleep).  We managed to not leave anything in the room, to get…

St Petersburg – The Urban Side – Photos

I’m now back in the UK. Again. It’s wonderful with the warm sun and green fields, leafy trees and chirping birds. What a contrast to Magadan in the Russian Far East.

And the girl in me is rather enjoying having a choice of clothes to put on in the morning, conditioner as well as shampoo and even a hairdrier! Then…

San Cristobal de las Casas

Some friends I met in Mazatlan who have been on the road for 7 years on their bikes, gave me a short list of their faves for Mexico and Central America. At first they were pretty insistent that they wouldn’t name any “must see” places as they didn’t want to change my experience or influence it in any way. They…

Going home!

Yes, we are going home – after two years on the road our trip will end in a few weeks from now, when we leave New Zealand. These news are probably quite a surprise for some of our followers, since we had originally planned to go to South America from New Zealand. But plans have changed. Let‘s explain why….

Eating and Beaching Our Way Through El Salvador

By Richard
We almost skipped El Salvador because we were in a bit of a rush to make it to Honduras to start our next round volunteering with the Muskoka Foundation.  Instead of skipping it we decided to spend seven days there and then book it straight to the north coast of Honduras after that.
Our first taste of El…

How to renew your vehicle import permit in Nicaragua

The Next Adventures | Travel Stories From The Road | Adventure Travel Around The Globe
If you need more time than the initial 30 days permit that is issued to you at the border for your vehicle like we did then look no further here is what you will have to do to renew your vehicle import permit in Nicaragua.  To…