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Church of Bones – Sedlec Ossuary

From the pavement outside, it looks like an ordinary rural church; slightly dilapidated, uninspiring and gothic. Only the almost comical inset skull and crossbones in the cobbles gives a clue to the morbid content that Sedlec Ossuary, the aptly named ‘church of bones’, holds. The holy site was established in 1142, with the current church dating […]

100 Days of adventure

When we set off again for the 3rd time we decided to reset the day counter. Today in Istanbul we celebrate our 100th day on the road! Here are a few facts about this stretch of our trip. Days on the road = 100No. of countries visited = 15Highest temperature = 34°CLowest temperature = -1°CDistance […]

Een huis in Afrika

“Gezocht: iemand die tijdens onze vakantie op de camping wil passen.” Dat was in het kort de advertentie waar ons oog op viel toen we nog in Uganda waren. De oproep was geplaatst op de website Horizons Unlimited door Duncan en Elli. Ze zochten iemand die een paar weken op hun camping ’African Overlanders’ wilde […]

A Churning Mind

I have got to admit it, I am not in a good place this week. Tired, in a funk, dreading the daily trek to the cubicle, my mind is churning with possibilities, but my body and soul are exhausted. I … Continue reading → A Churning Mind is a post from: The Next Big Adventure

Across southern Peru

After stopping for lunch in Nazca the town, we keep moving on the PanAm that has now turned east and climb up and out of the desert dunes to the high mountain plateaus of southern Peru. Not far out onto… Read More ›

Back to base

Outside our eating boothSo a final night in Chiang Rai last night and a run back to Chiang Mai to hand our bikes back to Tonys Big Bikes. We stopped at a Hot spring for a cuppa and for a photo of the spring and the Wat. A bit stressful today, both preo…

Moray – Peru

Da para imaginar que ha 500 anos atras os incas usavam esses terracos para a agricultura e que cada nivel tinha uma temperatura diferente, o que possibilitava um melhor desempenho das diferentes especies! Moray fica no Vale Sagrado, proximo a Cusco.

Rapid Rwanda

  Leaving Bwindi felt like waking up from a dream, and I expected it to be more like falling out of my bed. Rwandan authorities are notorious for almost strip-searching you looking for plastic bags (illegal in the country), forcing you to unpack everything you own. Ahead of the game, I’d put all of them […]

The Best Hike in Europe? Sucha Bela – Slovakia

South of the High Tatras, nestled comfortably in the Slovensky Raj National Park lies Sucha Bela. A 15km trek, which winds up through a mountain gorge, over wooden bridges, up metal ladders and through the bed of the creek itself. Walking it is a thoroughly exhilarating experience and one of the highlights of our trip. […]

Jaguar Rescue Centre

A drive down the coast brings us to Puerto Viejo, sandy beaches, palm trees and an endless amount of boutique hotels, cabinas, sodas, restaurants and tourists riding around on bikes.  We stop at a bakery (with slow bad…

Glorious Guatemala

Our arrival in Guatemala was a mixture of all things Central American. We had a long, chaotic border crossing as our introduction. A half ass attempt at bribery by the customs lady delayed our entry by an hour or so.…

Into Chiang Rai

Into the shopping centre, memories of home Super bike parking…….. We took a short ride into Chiang Rai today for a wander and a MacDonalds, needed the meat and fat intake, realised white Scottish Italians can’t live by curry and rice alone. Feeling a bit off today and some of the authentic smells weren’t helping. […]

De kleine grote regentijd

In Kigali hebben we enkel wat rondgewandeld en het genocide monument en museum bezocht. En dat was erg indrukwekkend! Met verhalen én foto’s werd verteld wat er in die drie maanden in 1994 is gebeurd… En dat was ronduit gruwelijk! Na Kigali reden we naar het zuiden van Rwanda waar we het Nyungwe regenwoud wilden […]

Caribbean Costa Rica

CARIBBEAN COSTA RICA The 205km drive to the port city of Puerto Limon takes us around 5 hours on jammed roads, having to continually overtake slow moving trucks and cyclists.  The route takes us via a toll road through Braulio…

An oasis and desert drawings in Peru

After 3 days in Lima we keep moving south. Paracas National Park on the coast sounds incredible but there’s not a lot of roads there and the sand riding sounds like way too much work for me and my heavy… Read More ›

Phayao and Chiang Rai

 Great days riding to Phayao, small quiet roads with great views, the town is described as the Vienna of South East Asia but its got a bit to go. Nice place and as always the people are great, got some great pics but I’ll uplpoad them when I get h…

10 lugares para se visitar na Europa

#1 – Paris, França #2 – Amsterdam, Holanda #3 – Dresden, Alemanha #4 – Praga, Republica Checa #5 – Cracóvia, Polônia #6 – Viena, Austria #7 – Budapeste, Hungria #8 – Dubrovnik, Croácia #9 – Lagos, Portugal #10 – Firenze, Itália. Related posts: Nove lugares em que a arquitetura é unica na Europa! Seis lugares […]

Monteverde Cloud Forest

28th October   MONTEVERDE CLOUD FOREST RESERVE The towns of Monteverde and Santa Elena sit between two cloud forests which straddle both sides of the Continental Divide.   Warm and humid winds from the Caribbean sweep up the mountain slopes where they…

Learning the hard way

Kate and I have been in Australia for approximately 2 months now.  The vast majority of that time has been spent at work, because sadly for most of us work is what we do.  Occasionally though we have managed to get away from the tower blocks, the madness of G20 and traffic, escaping to some of…