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Ilha de Capri, Itália

Sempre gostamos de dividir com vocês os perrengues e apesar de estarmos felizes por estar na Costa Amalfitana e com tudo pronto para fazer o passeio para Capri nem tudo saiu como o planejado. Na noite anterior ao passeio acampamos na praia Marina del Cantone e até a hora de dormir estava tudo certo. A […]

Pisa , Pontedera and Piaggio

I rode straight to the Pisa airport to meet my sister , I was met with tears , smiles and then laughter , me in my riding gear , reflective jacket and fluffy beard , my sister thought that a courier guy had had been walking towards her not her long  not so lost travelled brother . We left the airport […]

Corner of Hope

  Our time has come to an end in Kenya. We have stayed in the most wonderful places, with thanks to the Henleys, Andrews and Brooks for allowing us to be part of their lives and see sunsets in different and beautiful places. Not only have we seen incredible sunsets, we have sat and observed […]

Back in Alaska

Let’s face it. Alaska is pretty darn amazing. We couldn’t resist returning. Our budget didn’t quite stretch to a long ferry journey, so on some local advice we opted to check out Haines and then take the short ferry trip to Skagway. We are clearly deranged lunatics, because after complaining about the mosquitoes in Alaska. […]

Argentina’s dirty past

Buenos Aires [by Jeremy] “And this is where they brought the trucks in and loaded the tortured, bloody bodies on board before driving them to the airport, flying them out over the Rio Plata and throwing them in to the sea. Around 5000 people passed through here, only 200 or so survived,” says trade union […]

Riding Rural

It was time to bid farewell to the  coast of dreams , I had two days to get up to Pisa , my sister had made arrangements to fly in from the Uk to welcome Vic and I to the continent and spend some time together enjoying Tuscany . I fired up Vic now insured […]

Leymebamba, Peru

The road to Chachapoyas was a two-lane asphalt road, and a great ride as it followed the curvy edges of a winding river. We left the river to climb some switchbacks to the town itself and stayed a couple of… Read More ›

Brazilian drivers are crazy!

Brazilians, in general, are lovely people. I actually think that they might be about the friendliest people in the world. BUT, put them behind of the wheel of a motor vehicle and they think they’re Airton Senna (famous Brazilian race car driver).To put…

Long days of travel

Finding overnight overland stops, or camps, in Brazil.  I think I’ve mentioned before that an unfortunate thing about overlanding in Brazil is the distances between attractions. It can be several long days of bad roads and too much traffic before you reach your next ‘Brazilian attraction’. And, along the way, there’ll be no official camping […]

10/05/2014 – 458 days/42414 miles

My reason for going to Beaudesert was for the Horizon’s Unlimited gathering in Queensland. If you have any interest in overland travel, check out Horizon’s Unlimited, as there is loads of information shared on their website and forum. Or better … Continue reading →

Chachapoyas and Kuelap, Peru

Chachapoyas is a lovely colonial-style town. The central plaza has lots of tour companies, cafes and shops.  I see a few gringos out and about, but mostly it’s locals, maybe because it’s the off-season now. We are back up in… Read More ›

What’s in my bag / Ο εξοπλισμός μου [VIDEO]

Filed under: Ο γύρος του κόσμου με Vespa Tagged: 2013, 2014, africa, around, Around the world on a Vespa, Club, drift, gogos, greece, Halkidiki, HD, όχι στην εξόρυξη χρυσού, Αφρική, Βέσπα, ΕΛΠΑ, Εξόρυξη Χρυσή, Μεταλλεία, Ο εξοπλισμός μου, Στέργιος Γκόγκος, … Continue reading →

Onboard Shower

Oh yeah! Hot water at the touch of a button—or rather the attaching of alligator clamps… and a 15min wait for the car to warm up. One of the creature comforts we have decided we cannot do without, is the ability to have regular hot showers. This is not only because we like to be clean, […]

Watch this space

So in a couple of weeks we set off on a mini adventure to tour the North of Thailand in South East Asia, this one is only 3 weeks long and we have rented bikes out there. Plenty opportunities to explore and see cool things. We are renting ER6 Kawasaki’…

One day in our Colombian life

It is a Sunday in October. Back home the leaves are turning into beautiful colors in homage to the Autumn season. Kids are getting ready for Halloween and are preparing their Halloween costumes. Oh how I miss Fall! We have been on the road for nearly 16 months. Currently we are renting an efficiency apartment […]

Guatemala 2.0: The Extended Stay

Hey Adventurers! I sure hope you enjoyed our ‘year on the road’ posts as much as My Family and I loved putting them together. It’s been quite the journey so far, but it’s also far from over. We celebrated our year travel-versary in Guatemala, and I just realized I haven’t yet told you about our […]

Galapagos Islands- To cruise or not to cruise

There are two ways to see the Galapagos islands, by organized cruise or independent travel island by island (or I guess a combo of both is possible). Almost everyone who goes does organized cruises, and trying to find information on how to experience the islands without booking a cruise is difficult. There is not much […]

Stuck in the desert

Facts: 1. A river has two banks 2. From Dongola to Wadi Halfa along the Nile is approximately 400 km 3. There’s a new road from Dongola to Wadi Halfa 4. After Dongola there’s no bridge to cross the Nile So far so good. The Bradt Guide says: Heading north, the journey is dramatically improved […]

Exploring The Ruins of a Soviet Prison.

The Murru Prison Quarry was established in 1938 under the Soviet occupation of the Baltic states. The prisoners spent long hours mining Limestone creating the unique lunar landscape that surrounds the prison today. Once left to ruin, the quarry and half of the prison flooded meaning that today, the area is half Soviet Gulag, half…

Quem está nos bastidores de nossa comunicação digital

Nossa maior ferramenta de comunicação é o nosso website: www.mundoporterra.com.br Somos nós dois que alimentamos ele como toda a informação: textos, fotos e vídeos. Porém para ele ser assim, com essa aparência e com todas as ferramentas de navegação que ele dispõe, precisamos da ajuda de alguém especializado. Quem está por detrás de tudo isso […]