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Colonial vibes

Villa de Leyva definitely has some colonial vibes left even these days. Walking the cobblestone streets you will not be disturbed much, it’s a pretty quiet place and the whitewash… read more


Honda, Tolima takes its name from the indigenous people of the region which are called Ondaimas. Founded in 1539 and it was the main river port of the country for… read more

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Kel-Suu See – extrem abgelegen

Chinese Border Permit Rein zufällig fiel mir ein Foto in die Hände, auf dem ein idyllischer Bergsee im Tain-Shan Gebirge, eingerahmt von Felsen, abgebildet war. Den wollte ich persönlich sehen…

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Transfer point

Popayan is the capital city of the Cauca department of Colombia. It is a real colonial city, founded in 1537 by the Spanish conquistadors. Not to be confused with colourful…

Colonial hangover

Chuchaqui is a word adopted from the Quechua language, which means hangover from drunkenness. Also often used to describe the contradictory state between colonialism and independence. Bullfighting is one of…

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