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Back to Ensenada

We booked it all the way back to Ensenada in one long day. Every hour I pulled over to monitor the oil leak. Still leaking. I can’t fix it either, since you need a special tool to get the oil filler off and all my attempts at fashioning a tool on the fly haven’t worked. There’s […]

Snow joke

Cucao, Chiloé, Chile [by Paula] I like to think that one of the few positives of being away from the family is that my parents have taken some trips to Latin America that they might not otherwise have embarked upon. Each year they can escape those harsh Scottish winters and spend a few weeks somewhere […]

Last day riding in Bolivia

At the western edge of the Salar de Uyuni we luck out with Pocket Earth finding helping us find a way onto a road without having to push through a lot of sand.  We ride up onto the pier just out… Read More ›

Bedenk goed wat je met je laatste Rolo doet

Toen God de Hippo schiep, plaatste Hij hem op het land, bij de andere grote dieren. Maar na korte tijd klaagde de Hippo bij God; ‘ik wil in het water zijn, de zon is te sterk voor mijn huid’. Maar God was resoluut, de Hippo hoorde op het land. Na verloop van tijd klaagde de […]

On the road again, Costa Rica

Finally reunited with the bus.  E seems to be in pretty decent shape considering the year and a half spent sitting in storage…at least now that we’ve broken through the crusty layer of dirt.  The guys at the storage facility thought they were helping to protect it when they threw …

San Ignacio Oasis

Just a little bit of apprehension driving today on the same stretch of pavement where we had our little accident. Narrow lanes, big trucks, and not much in the way of a shoulder. We pulled into San Ignacio to find exactly what you might have found 100 years ago. Nothing seems to change here. Big […]

Chapter 13/Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran, a place I had promised myself that I would go back to after my unsuccessful attempt in 2011. This time we entered from the Iran -Azerbaijan borders and the city of Astara. With the bureaucracy at its best, especially form the Iranian side, it took us almost 4 hours to complete all […]

Tires (Tyres)

Who doesn’t like a new pair, or four, of shoes? We have been needing new tires for a while and had been holding on for the lower USA to buy them. We have had several punctures, destroyed a tyre driving on it flat, replaced that with a second-hand tire, and ended up with three different types of […]

Santa Rosalia

The last time we were here, we just had our windshield smashed in. This time was a little more relaxed. There really isn’t much going on here, but it’s a good place to stop and load up on groceries and internet and such. No windshields. We’ve been through here several times now, and have managed […]

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flat and is located on the southwest edge of Bolivia near its border with Chile. The flats are located at an elevation of about 12,000 feet and cover more than 4,000… Read More ›

Feeding insects in Suriname

The first thing I am doing each morning here in Suriname is showering and then coating myself with insect repellent. There are mosquitoes everywhere, and plenty of other biting insects too. From the mosquitoes you could get malaria or dengue, but neith…

Stopover ~ Singapore Style

Stopovers. In our experience, they’re generally a waste of time, money, and effort. At various times we have decided to break up a long flight with a stopover in, say, JFK, and I have to say, they never live up … Continue reading → Stopover ~ Singapore Style is a post from: The Next Big […]

De Santa Rosalia à Puerto San Carlos

10 décembre. La ville de Santa Rosalia a été créée en 1880 par une entreprise française d’exploitation de cuivre, la Société Boléo. Visite de l’église Santa Barbara, dessinée par Gustave Eiffel en 1884 et construite en 1887. 11 décembre. Petite halte sur une plage de Mulegé pour boire une Margarita. Puis direction Bahia Concepcion pour […]

Long overdue Applecross

This has been a busy year, after our time skiving over on other continents we spent this year catching up with everybody in Europe, the downside of that was we haven’t visited Applecross enough this year. After seeing our host Judy on a TV programme we…

On the Road in Nicaragua

  The highways were funded by the US so we had familiar road lines and good, pothole free roads! Celebration! Cows are in abundance and take over full lanes, especially around 8:00am. Rambo had a coating of manure to prove it.…

Potosi and southwestern Bolivia

Potosi seems like a nice town…I hadn’t expected much when I heard it was a mining city.  The central plaza is lovely and there are lots of old buildings reflecting Spanish architectural styles in Potosi. We only stay one night,… Read More ›

No time to burn

After a couple of months travelling with no set deadlines it was a bit of a shock to suddenly have to be at a certain place at a certain time.  Fortunately that place and that time was Burning Man 2014, so it wasn’t like we were rushing to the dentist’s office or anything unpleasant. The […]


[Please scroll down for the English version] [LV]Katra diena nebūs saulaina, tomēr ir jāatceras viens, izbaudīt katru brīdi, kas ir dots! Mācību, tik svarīgu kā šī, mēs guvām tieši Montanas štatā. Sākotnēji nebijām pārliecināti vai rakstīt par Montanu atsevišķi vai nē, tomēr pārdomājot cik skaista tā ir, cik iespaidīga ir tās daba un cik burvīgi […]