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Chapter 10

After leaving Turkey and entering the Great Caucasus, Georgia was my first country to visit. As you’ve noticed, I’m not using plural yet because Rochelle joined me in Georgia two weeks later. As I entered at the beginning of November, the weather was already in winter mode. Heavy rain and strong winds welcomed me in […]

Sometimes you really should just stay down.

Leaving Batopilas is just as scenic as entering, but several orders of magnitude easier. I’ve been given directions on how to find Korareachi, and hopefully complete my Quest for that delectable lechugilla. Lost and I snake our way up and down the canyonsides, the gravel road progressively improving. I too have improved, I’m pleased to […]

The (real) Adventure begins

Which way to Mexico? After dropping the kids at the airport we find ourselves a campground where we stay for 4 nights. The sites are minuscule but the internet works well and the spa is hot. We’re happy. We’ve been living with a minor problem with our engine for some time but I think now, […]

You Better Belize It!

Motoring out of Corozol, we were in high spirits. We were restocked, we’d made it through the border without issue, we were back in an English speaking country [which meant Ike could actually do some of the conversing!], and the car issues were either resolved or slated to be resolved. Heading to Sarteneja from Corozol […]

Machu Picchu

There are several ways to get to Machu Picchu, and all of them sound like great options. We can ride the bikes out to Santa Teresa and then either ride or hike or take a taxi to the Hydroelectric dam… Read More ›

Een kleine wereld

Namibië is wat natuurschoon betreft een bijzonder en bijna ongelofelijk prachtig land. Wat we een klein beetje missen is de kakofonie van West-Afrika, de kleurrijke markten, de mensen en de glimlach. Na twee maanden natuurschoon rijden we naar MataMata. Het is de grensplaats tussen Namibië en Zuid-Afrika  én de toegangspoort voor het Kgalakgadi transfrontier NP. […]

From the Falls of Stryn to the Heights of Trollstigen

It’s a strange sensation being camped this close to a road that, while not busy, does play host to the occasional truck and car. The only level spot to pitch our tent is just off the shoulder which certainly presents an occasional what if… but somehow we’re always able to pretend that those are simply impossible inevitabilities. […]

If you’re tired of Buenos Aires, try harder

Villa La Angostura, Argentina [by Paula] We arrived in Buenos Aires on an overnight ferry, bleary-eyed and begging for more sleep, and things pretty much continued that way until we left a month later. BA is the kind of city that you gorge on until you feel a bit sick. So many atmospheric bars, quality […]

Seguindo para Lisboa

Nossa passagem pelo Porto foi rápida mas já sabemos que voltaremos para a região norte, que abriga também outras charmosas cidades. Dormimos em um camping próximo de Nazaré e de lá seguimos para a capital Lisboa. Aproveitamos que ficaríamos pelo menos três dias na cidade, novamente encontramos um camping com bungalow e assim conseguimos tirar […]

Bem vindo a Portugal e ao Porto

Com nossas irmãs por aqui nossos dias tem mais se baseado em aproveitar o tempo com elas do que planejar os próximos dias. Como elas vão embora de Lisboa estamos seguindo em direção a cidade. Porém queríamos também aproveitar alguns lugares e como estávamos descendo, vindo do norte da Espanha, achamos sensato parar na cidade […]

North to Iguazu falls

Leaving Bella Vista we were escorted to Gualeguaychu in 223 km by Pia and Ramiro. This is a nice town on the river that in February is THE spot for Carnival in Argentina. From here we headed north again to … Continue reading →

Caixas a prova de tudo!

Nossos equipamentos de fotografia e voo são muito importantes em nossa viagem. Tirando o carro, seriam nossas principais ferramentas de trabalho e por isso, necessitam estar muito bem protegidas. Nós tivemos a felicidade de encontrar essa proteção nessas duas caixas Pelican que carregamos conosco, uma para o para-motor (teto do carro) e outra para o […]

Oregon Wine Country

We finished up our week away with a few days in oregon wine country.   It was a perfect getaway, and another chance for us to experience yet another small home. It’s funny how our time away from home also works out as “research” for zenbox.  While someone is staying …

Cusco, Peru

Cusco is a beautiful city from what I remember of my trip here 4 years ago. Sure I remember all the tourists and the shops and pushy sales people and massage therapists on the streets, but I also remember the… Read More ›

Church of Bones – Sedlec Ossuary

From the pavement outside, it looks like an ordinary rural church; slightly dilapidated, uninspiring and gothic. Only the almost comical inset skull and crossbones in the cobbles gives a clue to the morbid content that Sedlec Ossuary, the aptly named ‘church of bones’, holds. The holy site was established in 1142, with the current church dating […]

100 Days of adventure

When we set off again for the 3rd time we decided to reset the day counter. Today in Istanbul we celebrate our 100th day on the road! Here are a few facts about this stretch of our trip. Days on the road = 100No. of countries visited = 15Highest temperature = 34°CLowest temperature = -1°CDistance […]

Een huis in Afrika

“Gezocht: iemand die tijdens onze vakantie op de camping wil passen.” Dat was in het kort de advertentie waar ons oog op viel toen we nog in Uganda waren. De oproep was geplaatst op de website Horizons Unlimited door Duncan en Elli. Ze zochten iemand die een paar weken op hun camping ’African Overlanders’ wilde […]

A Churning Mind

I have got to admit it, I am not in a good place this week. Tired, in a funk, dreading the daily trek to the cubicle, my mind is churning with possibilities, but my body and soul are exhausted. I … Continue reading → A Churning Mind is a post from: The Next Big Adventure

Across southern Peru

After stopping for lunch in Nazca the town, we keep moving on the PanAm that has now turned east and climb up and out of the desert dunes to the high mountain plateaus of southern Peru. Not far out onto… Read More ›