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A Bruxa Está Solta!

Nós não acreditamos em bruxas, mas que elas voam, voam… Pois é, tudo que não tivemos de problema em toda América do Sul e Central, estamos tendo aqui nos EUA. Hoje (24/05/15) foi a vez da correia do alternador arrebentar. Saímos de St. George logo após o café da manhã e estávamos tranquilos pois seriam […]


O ponto mais ao sul da África

Um lugar que tínhamos pulado na nossa passagem pela Garde Route era a cidade de Cape Agulhas, lugar mais ao sul de toda a África. Nosso plano era voltar até lá com meus sogros então reservamos a cidade para ir com eles. Apesar de termos saído de Knysna com o tempo horrível, chegamos a Cape […]

Rainy Costa Rica

As the truck was now in order and our hotel room was becoming much too comfortable, we set off for the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.  Who could resist the tropical beaches, warm breezes, and fresh seafood?  We were pumped to start the journey. We blasted out of San Jose, only missing one or two […]


Chilly in Chilly

From the moon, we finally started north to go find some friends in Chilly, ID. We cruised through Hailey – nice town – before finding out that Sun Valley and Ketchum are just over-priced resort subdivisions. Kind of a bummer, but we weren’t staying long anyway. From there, we could turn up a road that just […]


Riding into Brazil

There are only about 100 miles to cross to get from Walter’s place to the border with Brazil at Ciudad del Este.  Walter gives us some great ideas about places to camp and some sites we should try and get… Read More ›


Safari em familia no parque dos elefantes…

Depois de uma longa jornada da Cidade do Cabo até a pequena e pacata Jeffreys Bay nas proximidades do parque nacional dos Elefantes Addo, iriamos deixar a direção de lado e aproveitar o lugar. Acordamos sem pressa e com o sol a pino no céu as mulheres, Chel e minha mãe foram tomar um sol […]


The Reason We Went ~

While a big birthday was the impetus for planning the trip, Mexico’s Copper Canyon was the draw. While we were very pleasantly surprised to fall in love with Alamos and El Fuerte on the way, the Canyon was the planned … Continue reading → The Reason We Went ~ is a post from: The Next […]

The road we took to Sucre was an unexpected surprise, winding through beautiful countryside.

Sucre, Bolivia

After crossing the border into Bolivia, our next stop was to be the city of Sucre where we intended to stay and work. We had a choice of routes and weren’t sure which was better, and in the end followed the main road to La Paz as far as we could before turning off toward […]


Seis dicas para uma viagem pelo Reino Unido

Londres é o destino dos sonhos de muitas pessoas e é fácil descobrir porque. A cidade é uma das mais cosmopolitas do mundo apesar de uma monarquia e muita tradição. Em poucas cidades é possível ver mistura semelhante. Porém o Reino Unido é muito mais do que Londres. Dá próxima vez que você colocar Londres […]



6th May: I’m the first to admit I’m not much good when it comes to household repairs, car maintenance, working the DVD or plugging a leak … but this is getting ridiculous. Today I can’t even turn on the shower. Because circumstances dictate that we need a motel room for the night, I’m now standing […]


Historico urbe Roma

Vanaf de camping is het heel makkelijk om naar het centrum van Rome te komen. We wandelen naar het treinstation Due Ponti en zijn vanaf daar binnen 15 minuten in Rome, bij station Flaminio. Het eerste dat we zien als we het metrostation uitlopen is het Piazza del Popolo een mooi plein met 4 markante […]


Idaho Lava

Who knew there was so much lava in Idaho? Or nuclear reactors? We didn’t. At least we knew about the potatoes. The potato museum was a bust (not open) so we kept rolling to Craters of the Moon National Monument.  I don’t know why it’s a ‘monument’ and not a park, but it was an […]


Terra dos Cânions

No dia 20/05/15 saímos de Page bem cedo com destino à entrada norte do Grand Canyon, que não conhecíamos. Antes de chegar lá ainda paramos para ver o Horseshoe Bend, que é um lugar próximo à Page onde o Rio Colorado faz uma curva em formato de ferradura – muito legal! A estrada entre Page […]

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.43.30 PM


The plan today had been to go 160 km north east to visit the d’Ozoud waterfalls and drive back. The forecast was for rain so instead we decided to just hang out and rest in the city. This gave the … Continue reading →

Hallo zusammen!<br />Wir sind am Meer angekommen nachdem wir 200 km über Land hier runter gefahren sind. Eine sehr schöne Strecke. Kleine Dörfer, hohe Berge, grandiose Platanenalleen und viele viele Kreisverkehre. Einfach nur schön und spart eine Menge Geld. Wir haben in Frankreich schon gutes Geld an den Mauthäuschen gelassen. <a name="more"></a><br /><br />In Marseillan Plage haben wir einen netten Campingplatz (La Crèole, 15 Euro/Nacht) direkt am Meer gefunden und sogar einen tollen Platz am direkten Weg zum Meer bekommen.<br /><div><a href="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-zHq4KOA44nk/VV-LdyHVFgI/AAAAAAAAB_A/0Yv-9q7um6k/s1600/IMG_3515.JPG"><img border="0" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-zHq4KOA44nk/VV-LdyHVFgI/AAAAAAAAB_A/0Yv-9q7um6k/s640/IMG_3515.JPG"/></a></div> Wir müssen uns noch etwas an den heftigen Wind gewöhnen, aber so langsam wird auch das. Das Meer ist wunderschön, glasklar und vom Strand aus ist: "kein Ende in Sicht", auch Afrika haben wir noch nicht sichten können.<br /><br />Hier auf dem Campingplatz erfreuen wir uns an den netten Nachbarn und den uns unbekannten WCˋs. Ich sag nur Hocktoilette. Andreas hat sich beim Kanu Fahren einen heftigen Sonnenbrand eingefangen und wir versuchen ihn zu pflegen. Auch wenn das erste Mal etwas Heimweh hoch kommt und ich nachdenklich geworden bin, weil ich das erste Mal verstanden habe das wir jetzt ein Jahr weg sind, geht es uns gut.  Wir grüßen alle aus...<br /><div><a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CYvOqNY_pvM/VV-LERPHc1I/AAAAAAAAB-4/RJwtPoXcr6g/s1600/Suedfrankreich%2BSchrift.jpg"><img border="0" src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CYvOqNY_pvM/VV-LERPHc1I/AAAAAAAAB-4/RJwtPoXcr6g/s640/Suedfrankreich%2BSchrift.jpg"/></a></div>  (das hab ich für euch gebastelt, die Muscheln hier sind sooooo schön )

Am Mittelmeer

Hallo zusammen!Wir sind am Meer angekommen nachdem wir 200 km über Land hier runter gefahren sind. Eine sehr schöne Strecke. Kleine Dörfer, hohe Berge, grandiose Platanenalleen und viele viele Kreisverkehre. Einfach nur schön und spart eine Menge Geld. Wir haben in Frankreich schon gutes Geld an den Mauthäuschen gelassen. In Marseillan Plage haben wir einen […]

cape cod jaguar and flip flops

A long pause in Cape Cod

Where has the slow house gone?  All quiet on the postings, lately!? Alta has been relegated to Home Depot dashes and furniture hauling!  We have accepted a fun offer from […]



1st May: I feel a certain trepidation as we approach the US border. And for good reason, I believe. After all, the United States of America lock up more of their own population than any other country. There is a culture of suing in the United States: invariably this means parting with bewilderingly enormous sums […]


Hot Lava

We had intended to stop and camp for the night somewhere between Jackson, WY and Idaho. There were several free campsites along the way, but the weather was cold and rainy and all the Forest Service gates were locked. We figured we’d be stuck in the bus, so we decided to keep rolling while it was daylight. We thought […]

The Hoover Dam

School Report 9

Man Made and Natural Wonders of the World There are things in our world that are truly amazing. They may be something that man has built or they may be something natural. Grumpy and I have been lucky to see…


A Teton Haiku

The great Grand Tetons. Barely open, no camping. A cold, snowy hike.


Germany to Thailand-TRIP STATS-Day 960

After just a little bit of nagging, zee in-house accountant has finally found some time to get some new trip stats together. Yey for nagging! If you recall, when we left Germany on 12 September 2012, we estimated that we … Continue reading →

Lights of Las Vegas

Are we now on a holiday?

  After a few days of chores including washing our riding suits in San Diego and Los Angeles, we made use of the excellent interstate highways to move on to Las Vegas to meet up with our Italian friends Max…

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