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As Ruínas de Uxmal

Após 5 ótimos dias em Cancún nos despedimos da Kátia, deixamos a vida boa e voltamos para a estrada no dia 17/04/15. Pegamos a estrada que vai a Chichén-Itzá, mas como já havíamos passado por lá no dia 14/04, seguimos até Mérida que é a capital do estado de Yucatán. Essa estrada é conhecida com a “Autopista […]

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Palencia and Belmonte

This weekend we had separate guys and girls rides planned. As Dan says “moments from the Guys ride” 260 km to Palencia and then back. Sara was off to ride with Alicia Sornosa for her Ladies on the road event. … Continue reading →

The view from the very top. You can see all the way into Chile.

Escaping the summer crowds in Argentina

After Anna and Cody left we felt their void. We were in a bit of a funk. We had spent so much time planning what we would do when they visited, we realized we did not really have any idea what we were going to do now that they left. I opened up the guide […]


Cancún e a Riviera Maia

Segundo pesquisas, Cancún é um dos destinos favoritos dos brasileiros que viajam ao exterior. Por aqui é muito fácil encontrar casais de brasileiros em lua de mel ou simplesmente descansando, famílias aproveitando os resorts “all inclusive“, executivos em convenções e outros viajantes sozinhos ou em grupo que querem descobrir os encantos de Cancún e da […]

El Fuerte

El Fuerte

After a late night arrival on the Mexican mainland, we were slow to get started on the first day of the New Year. It took a quiet New Year’s Day in Los Mochis before we were ready to start thinking about the next stage in our journey.  We hadn’t actually planned on being in this area at all, […]

This is what keeps us charged, happy connected and even caffeinated (Our coffee grinder runs off mains power).

Power Bright PW1100-12 Power Inverter | Gear Review

For better or worse, electronic devices play a big part in our travels. Keeping all our equipment charged and ready to go can be a nightmare. The solution? Mains power in the truck. It was time to go shopping for a power inverter. The range of power inverters is overwhelming and there are a few factors […]

Most of you might wonder about our experiences on the actual roads of India. Well, remember our post about the road conditions while we were heading south from Mumbai? Compared to the ones on the north, they were super highways. As we headed further north inland and the streets went from bad to worse, besides [...]

Chapter 21/India

Most of you might wonder about our experiences on the actual roads of India. Well, remember our post about the road conditions while we were heading south from Mumbai? Compared to the ones on the north, they were super highways. As we headed further north inland and the streets went from bad to worse, besides […]

Falta pouco, mas ainda é muito!

Olá amigos! Estamos nós aqui, novamente, falando sobre nossa campanha no Catarse. Devemos estar sendo um pouco chatos, não é? Mas como a campanha é tudo ou nada, temos que trabalhar constantemente na divulgação, caso contrário nossa meta não será atingida. Hoje temos 66% arrecado (faltam cerca de R$ 17.000) e nos restam 28 dias. […]

We visited the shell museum on Sanibel Island.  This was my favorite shell in the whole place.  But there was a lot to see and learn there.

Florida finale’

We whipped around the tip of the peninsula and had an amazing time!  Our toes got stuck in the sand for several days in The Keys.  And then we dashed […]

Social Studies Session

We had a message recently from a friend who teaches grade six. She sent along questions from her social studies class who are learning about South America and we decided to follow up with a video. We would be happy to…

The clan

Nica 2 with the crew

And then we were ten (plus 3 dogs, 3 cars, 2 tents and a nudist).  Rachel, Lauren and Peter (who we were now meeting up with in our 3rd country together) as well as the very first friends we met on our trip – Eugene and TJ (they had also met R,L&P separately in Mexico […]


La Costa de Argentina

Time to keep moving again so we push north to Las Grutas, a town which our Santiago, Chile friend, Roberto, suggested as a nice beach stop. It turns out to be a nice relaxing place.  We camp for a couple… Read More ›


NOLA 2015

Our second visit during French Quarter Fest.  As with last year, the french quarter fest certainly didn’t disappoint.  We had a slightly bigger group with us than last year and rented a house via AirBnB that that we could all stay together.  The accommodations ended up being a hair smaller …

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Only one month to go

OneGreatAdventure will start in 30 days – Update on my preparations to go from Alaska to Antarctica. The post Only one month to go appeared first on OneGreatAdventure.


De frente com os elefantes

Nem nos nossos melhores sonhos imaginávamos encontrar algo tão incrível como o que encontramos no Addo Elephant National Park na África do Sul. O parque que é mantido pelo Sanpar que cuida de todos os parques nacionais do país. Além da organização impecável do lugar, é possível dormir nos hotéis dentro do parque, fazer passeios […]

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Poor Modesto had to work during the week so we took off to the east coast to Valencia for a few days. Straight there on the highway it 350 km, but we managed to go on the secondary roads for … Continue reading →


Wild Coast na África do Sul

De Ballito até Port Elizabeth são aproximadamente 1.000km, apesar desse trajeto não ser muito visitado pelos turistas que acabam sempre indo a mais famosa e gloriosa Garden Route, foi uma boa maneira de começarmos nossa jornada pelo país. Fizemos o trajeto ao longo de uma semana e encontramos várias coisas que nos surpreenderam para o […]


Começando a viagem pela África, agora com o carro!

Depois de três semanas em Johanesburgo era hora de partir ao encontro do nosso companheiro, o carro. Entre as opções disponíveis resolvemos alugar um carro e assim já testar o GPS. Entre Johanesburgo e Durban, a cidade portuária onde o carro chegou, são quase 600km e levamos um domingo inteiro para cobrir o trajeto. A […]


Camino de Santiago

Santiago de Compostela is een van de belangrijkste Christelijke bedevaartsoorden. Pelgrims uit heel Europa eindigen hier hun voettocht. Deze voettocht noemt men de Camino de Santiago ofwel de weg naar Santiago. De pelgrims op weg naar Santiago zijn herkenbaar aan de Sint Jakobschelp, het teken van de heilige Jakob. De schelp wordt gedragen met de […]

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