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On the road again.

Hello friends, family and followers. We’ve had limited internet and are spending many hours on the road these last few days heading north to the USA. We’ll be home for the holidays. Not to worry if you haven’t seen many updates, but they are coming. So please stay tuned we’ll have a lot to tell […]

We survived Belize’s most dangerous highway.

On Belizean maps, this road is called Coastal Highway. We refer to it as “The Axle Buster, Shock Knocker, and Hellway Road”. Its 33 miles of thrills and chills from start to finish. Why it’s called Coastal Highway we don’t understand. It’s nowhere near Belize’s coast line, and you certainly can’t do highway speed. Rental […]

“Belizean Jungle” Ranger for a Day.

Ranger for a day, huh? It sounded easy enough for me, just like when I was a kid. Thinking we’d show up, put on a ranger hat, walk a little through the rainforest and return back to base camp, we’d be done before lunch we thought. Nope, nadda, nyet, what were we thinking? We soon […]

Flores Guatemala. The last Mayan hold out.

Flores Guatemala This quaint quiet island city in the middle of Lake Peten is certainly worth checking out. Only a half day drive from Placencia Belize, we recommend making a weekend out of it.  It was here on the island of Flores that the last independent state of the Maya civilization held out against the […]

Turkey’s Aegean Coast

With all the time in our side ,we explored as well as enjoyed the variety of attractions that this coast of Turkey has on offer. Check out our latest video and if you like it, make sure you subscribe in our channel or keep on following us through this site. Your support is needed to […]

Inside of Blac, part 2

The remainder of the photos of the inside of our motorhome, Blac. 5. Looking towards the front of the vehicle.  The fridge is on the left,  we covered it with a poster print collage of our wedding day and a drawing from my niece at the bott…

Stoute agent en foutje Dar es Salaam

Misschien waren we een beetje overmoedig geworden omdat alles zo goed gaat tot nu toe. We zouden hartje Dar es Salaam wel even inrijden om daar een ferry te nemen naar een camping bij kigamboni. De weg vanuit Iringa begon nog best relaxed en we zagen zelfs olifanten en giraffen langs de “TanZam highway”. Maar hoe […]

suddenly…it’s fall

What a fast and furious couple of weeks… After finishing the big push that got us through Serving up Style and Design Week Portland, we celebrated by heading to BC to see friends (while someone else moved into our place for a week).  We also happened to paint an entire …

Op naar Argentinië

Na bijna 11 maanden verlaten we Afrika om te beginnen we aan het tweede deel van onze reis, een tocht door ’de Amerika’s’. We vliegen morgen achter onze motoren aan naar Buenos Aires in Argentinië. Vanuit Buenos Aires rijden we eerst naar Ushuaia in het uiterste zuiden, om in de maanden daarna helemaal naar Canada […]

Multi-legged visitors

We’re getting ready to pack up once again to hit the road. We have a booking for an 8 day cruise in the Galapagos Islands aboard the Beagle (No, it’s not the same boat Darwin used) in late November! We’re super-excited for this trip – it’s been on our highlight list ever since we left […]

México es muy differente

Mexico Everything’s different in Mexico. Everything. Although some things may look similar, they are not quite the same. It’s almost like all of your standards, all that you think is normal, all that you know and are accustomed to, all that escapes through that rolled down window as you approach the booth, in line at […]

So are we in Alaska, or British Columbia?

As we’ve mentioned, we quite enjoyed Alaska, we didn’t want to miss our last opportunity for a visit, so we made the detour to Stewart and Hyder. Stewart is in British Columbia. Hyder is right next door and is technically in Alaska, although they do use Canadian money and run mostly on Canadian time (except […]

Vooruit kijken

De afgelopen twee dagen waren we in het prachtige Ruaha National Park. Overdag werden we getrakteerd op geweldige landschappen gevuld met ontelbaar veel baobabs, giraffen, olifanten, nijlpaarden, krokodillen, kudu’s en meer… veel meer… En ‘s nachts werden we wakker gehouden door het gebrul van leeuwen en nijlpaarden. Het is fantastisch om in Afrika te zijn!!Nu […]

From Cajamarca to Huanchaco

Time to keep moving…so we pack up and head west toward the coast and some ruins and cities we want to visit. We leave Cajamarca fairly early one morning and plan to turn south at a small town called Chilete…. Read More ›

Chapter 6

A richly historical land with some of the best cuisine you will ever taste, one of the world’s greatest cities and scenery from white-sand beaches to soaring mountains,this is Asian Turkey and as there is so many things to see and do we are staying longer than usual . As we moved in to Asian […]

Candelaria Caves, the entrance to the underworld.

The Candelaria caves is a large natural cave system in the municipalities of Chisec and  Raxruha in Guatemala.  This impressive cave system is sacred to the Q’eqchi Maya, and stretches continuously for some 29km (18 miles). The main gallery, Tzul Tacca, is almost 60m (200 ft.) high, 30m (100 ft.) wide, and 200m (650 ft.) long, and […]

Heading East……

This video is the last part of the first section of our trip that now is completed . We crossed  8 countries  of Europe  in 2 month time and our way now is clearly heading East. Our overland stories from Europe have come to their end as we heading  to explore the Diverse  Mind-blowing   […]

Zuid Afrika, Zimbabwe, Nederland

Zimbabwe Terug naar het noorden (a) Jesse is vertrokken, dus hoog tijd voor wat onderhoud. De blog wordt publiceerbaar gemaakt en Dappere Dodo krijgt een beurt; behalve de al voorspelde vervanging van de manchet van de tussenbak zijn er geen extra dingen. We zitten weer op een tijdschema, want over negen dagen komen Dick en […]

Pompeia, a cidade das cinzas

Completamos nossa primeira perna na Itália com sucesso, visitamos Capri e a costa Amalfitana com ótimo tempo, e agora chegava a vez de visitar Pompeia, famosa cidade que foi coberta pelas cinzas de uma erupção no século 1 D.C. Dirigimos até a cidade que leva o mesmo tranquilamente, a estrada é boa e logo na […]

All I Need

The rain pounded on the roof, wind gusts of over 60mph causing the camper to sway. A slight whistle sounded through the vent, even as our collective breathing fogged the windows. Pacific NW camping during a storm. An excellent idea! … Continue reading → All I Need is a post from: The Next Big Adventure