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Overland Sphere

A global community of Overlanders, sharing Overland Adventure news, stories & information.

(By Overlanders for Overlanders)


Overland Sphere is a collective of overland blogs from around the world, bought to by fellow overlanders who are at the forefront of 4×4, truck, Motorcycle or bicycle Overland Travel. The purpose is to make available not just the latest blogs but also provide an archive of past adventures for the overlanding community.

In addition to providing updates on our home page we have an Overland Travel Forum full of information for the overlander: trip preparation, overland reports from the road, paper work, regional overland forums, volunteering on the road and more

We also have a an Overland Facebook Group where you can connect with many other past an present overlanders.

Whether you’re researching your next big trip or just looking for inspiration, we have carefully scanned through hundreds of posts and categorised them in an easily navigable format, so that you can find the information that most interests you!

While planning our own Overland Adventure we spent hundreds of hours researching; we found the most relevant information was contained within other people’s blogs. We continued this on the road too but found browsing through many blogs, trying to search for information about a specific country extremely time-consuming.

This gave us the idea to set up this site.


How does it work?

The site uses your blogs RSS feed to populate blog posts.  An RSS feed can published in two ways, the entire feed including all text and pictures or just an excerpt from the feed.

On Overland Sphere we will only publish the entire post.

Where only a excerpt exists we will try copy the full post from the Authors website, however this is labour intensive so we would kindly ask you to change your feed settings.

Our site posts your blog, categorises it by location, tags the post with additional other useful information like border crossings, sites of interest, towns, to make your manual navigation of the site and posts easier.

We have also installed a search engine which searches all the posts and will output relevant results, based on your search terms.

For overlanders

Overland Sphere provides an archive of overland blogs from around the globe for you to read and research at your pleasure.  We have painstakingly categorised and tagged each post to make finding a specific blog much easier.

At Overland Sphere you will get the latest updates from overlanders on the road all on one website,  whether is 4×4 Overland Travel Motorcycle Overland Travel or any other form Cycle, Truck and 2wd,  no more trolling through several websites or forums looking for the latest update on your favourite adventure.

Our search engine outputs results based on relevancy, and only searches our database of overlander’s posts, which straight away gives you more refined and relevant results.

If you’re a blogger

You’ll be helping to build a new overlanding community, centered around a sphere of past and future overland trips for the benefit of all overlanders, whether your interest is 4×4, Motorcyle, Truck Overland Travel, or any other form Cycle, Truck and 2wd.

Our site will give you further reach and a larger audience by consolidating many posts on one site for people to research their big trip or just to catch up on the latest news. Our site will also distribute links to your posts through social media to drive more post views and enhance your profile.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is allow us to use your RSS feed (click here to register), and we will do the rest. Although you can help us by ensuring your post is fully categorised and tagged.  If you use word press or blogger we can provide a category and tag file for you to import.

You could also temporarily increase the number of posts in your feed to so that we can sync older posts.

How will people know I have written the post?

  • We have included the author’s details at the top of the post which also includes a link to the original post on the author’s website.
  • Each posts have the authors Bio which provides a map of their travels and links to the website and other social media sites
  • The site also contains an author’s listing on the homepage which details the number of posts provided by each author.

Will sharing my content on your site create duplicate content issues?

  • Quite simply no we employ good SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • By sharing your content with us your are more likely to Rank higher in search engines results
  • Below are the steps we take

We promote good SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We want your posts to to rank highly in search engines, we provide the following to Google and other search engines:

  • We provide a link to the original content at the top of each post
  • We provide the rel=Canonical tag in the link so that search engine know that YOUR post is the original post
  • Each of the links to your site are do-follow
  • We tell search engines we are a publisher and not the author
  • We can add the rel=author tags to you author profile on this site

How does the above help my site

  • We have a good Page rank and good SEO which in turn is passed down to you with every post published.
  • Using tags where possible we tell search engines that your content is important and it is yours not ours
    • Search engines use these tags to find & show the original content in search rather than the syndicated copy
  • Being linked from sites with a good page rank, with do follow links, that employ good SEO and relevant tags is good for your site it:
    • Contributes to a better Page rank
    • Contributes to better search engine ranking
    • Contributes to better Author ranking
  • But be careful sites which do not have a good page rank or promote good SEO can hurt your ranking!

Social Media

Overland Sphere makes the most of Google+ and Facebook, we have integrated our social media pages into Overland Sphere, so that users can interact with the site via any medium, and also receive the latest news through their news feed.

Our Pages:

Facebook   Google+   Twitter


How is the site funded?

We are using our own overland budget to fund the site, which includes hosting fees and traffic costs, with most of the web developing being undertaken by ourselves.

We have personally invested a lot of time to get the site to where it is now, however as the site grows there will be need to upgrade servers, pay for additional bandwidth and to add new features.  In this case, we would be looking to add a small amount of advertising to cover the costs.

The site is ran as a not for profit organisation, it will always be free to use and;



Your data, your content & your photos is yours; we will never attempt to sell it or seek ownership of your data.

All material syndicated and posted on this site remains the property of the original author. Our posts always include the original author’s details, and a link to the original post to ensure they retain credit for their work.

In compiling the web site and feeds, where possible, we have obtained permission to republish the author’s feed.  If you have not given us your permission and wish for your feed to be removed, please contact us here.




Link US

We need your help to expand our reach, you can link to http://overlandsphere.com with a text link or any of the logo’s below.

OSlogoclearsmall OSlogowhitesmall

In general we will only link sites that link us back; however we do understand and admire you if you keep your site 100% advertising and link free, where its of benefit to the users of the site we will still link your site.

We are happy to link not for profit overland forums & events, if its for charity we will do all we can to help.

Where the forum or event is operated as a business, we happy to do so provided you also help promote overlandsphere.com

If you are a business and wish to advertise your products and services on the site please contact us: admin@overlandsphere.com


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