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Cambodia Permits, Carnets - New rules

Discussion in 'South East Asia' started by OverlandSphere, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. OverlandSphere

    OverlandSphere Administrator Staff Member

    Cambodia, It seems the situation with Carnets in Cambodia is getting worse with more people not being allowed to enter with a Temporary Import Permit on the border and instead being asked for a carnet, or to apply for a permit in Phnom Penh (which can take up to 7 days).

    In the next few days we will be writing to Cambodian customs to understand the reasoning behind this and whether this only relates to specfic borders etc.

    In June Thailand introduced a permit system for vehicles and motorbikes, at this point in time whilst they may enter with a permit obtained in advance, Motorhomes and large trucks do not appear to have options to enter the country (despite the DLT saying the will be treated on a case by case basis)

    We are expecting in the next week or so for the DLT (Thailand) to update the rules for vehicle permits, whilst we wish it would be a relaxation of the rules, the current rumours point to them being tightened further.

    Generally with the introduction of Permits in Thailand SE Asia and the applied rules in Cambodia it appears to be becoming a difficult region to overland in, if anyone has first had experiences of obtaining permits in Thailand or obtaining Cambodian permit in Phnom Penh please could you share the information with the group.

    Any updates we have will be posted in our Overlanding Asia Group.

  2. snowfall

    snowfall New Member

    Any updates or info on shipping a motor home to Cambodia by sea?

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