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Capetown to alessandria - Mozambique stop

Discussion in 'Africa' started by Filo, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Filo

    Filo New Member

    Hi there,

    Thanks for this exciting forum! Let s introduce my self: Filippo / Italian / engineer / 34 / experienced backpacker, newcomer / 1st overland experience. In December I have shipped my jeep from Milan to a Cape Town where is now safely store. My goal is travelling from Cape Town, South Africa to Alessandra Egypt and than ship to Milan, Italy with my 1988 Mercedes Ge280. In april i will be travelling from Cape Town to Maputo and i am looking for a protected and covered parking to safely leave my car up do december. In December i will continue my trip heading to Tanzania

    I am contacting you to have advices and if anybody know who can offer this kind of service or if you can eventually address me to anybody who can help me with that.


    Best & ciao,


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