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Driving in Southeast Asia

Discussion in 'Overland route Planning' started by TROISCATALANS, Jul 1, 2017.



    je cherche des voyageurs qui auraient traversé les pays d'Asie de l'Est, du Vietnam, du Laos, de la Thaïlande et de l'Inde, en Birmanie, avec un véhicule 4x4. En effet, beaucoup d'informations sont contradictoires et j'aimerais simplement savoir si cela est possible, même s'il est un peu difficile. Nous travaillons sur notre itinéraire pour un départ en juillet 2018 depuis la France. Merci d'avance!
    Mon itinéraire détaillé ici : tour du monde en 4x4


    Good evening, I'm looking for travelers who have traveled through the countries of East Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and India, Burma, with a 4x4 vehicle. Indeed, a lot of information is contradictory and I would just like to know if this is possible, even if it is a bit difficult. We are working on our itinerary for a departure in July 2018 from France. Thank you in advance! My detailed itinerary here: tour du monde en 4x4
  3. Mr Rehab

    Mr Rehab New Member

    We travelled SE Asia in 2013 so things may have changed but at the time driving SE Asia was straight forward, border crossing sometimes a little slow but no difficulties, other drivers OK except for Cambodia where road rules optional. Issues:
    - Shipped from Australia to Malaysia so required a Carnet for Malaysia only. If we'd driven in from Thailand not required.
    - left hand drive vehicles not permitted in Vietnam, believe this is still the case
    - tried to arrange for self drive into Myanmar but at the time not possible without an approved itinerary, a guide and staying in approved hotels
    - road conditions generally OK
    - we didn't use any designated campsites, don't think they existed at all. Camped in the bush or on various properties after checking with the owner.

    Overall driving SE Asia straightforward and the people were welcoming.

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