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FOR SALE! Ford campervan in NYC

Discussion in 'For Sale / wanted' started by Pan to US, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Pan to US

    Pan to US New Member

    Finished our trip!
    We are now selling our beloved old-school and super cool Vanny. Van in NYC.
    It helped us get to every corner we wanted to between Panama and New York. Now it’s your turn!

    1985 Ford E-250, Okanagan campervan.
    V8 5.8L
    161,000 miles (257,600 km)
    2 main gas tanks for long drives

    The van has received a lot of love in the last 9 months.
    Engine overhaul 154,000 miles
    Transmission overhaul 156,000 miles
    New radiator
    New carburetor
    New tubes to all cooling system.
    New bands
    New starter relay
    New auxiliary battery relay
    New tires (good for another 55,000 miles)
    New brake pads (160,000 miles)
    New muffler

    The campervan:
    The car is in AMAZING condition, considering it is 32 years old.
    Swivel seat
    2 seats in front
    4 seats in back with table
    Seat belts for 6 passengers (great for hitchhikers and new friends along the way)
    Newly upholstered cushions.
    New drapes and window covers.
    Plenty of storing compartments
    New mattress + duvet
    Mosquito net
    4 stove tops
    Oven (??)
    Kitchen (cold and hot water)
    Plates, cups, bowels, cooking utensils, pots (everything you need in great condition.
    Furnace (keep warm at night)
    The camper runs on either 110V, 12V or propane gas.
    Awning for cover from rain or strong sun.

    Accessories that come with the car:
    Jump start battery
    Electrical gadgets for everything you need.
    2 fans
    Fire extinguisher
    Blow up mattress
    Electric air pump
    Electrical extension cable
    Towing equipment (never used)
    Equipment for repairs
    Extra mechanical equipment for car
    Fluids for all engine parts
    Freshwater pump
    Cleaning supplies
    2 reserve gas tanks
    Blue rain cover
    2 towels
    2 folding chairs + folding table
    Vacuum cleaner
    Rope, bungee equipment, etc…
    Bicycle + bike rack
    Green water hose
    Portable outdoor shower
    Spare tire + jack + safety equipment
    Boxes and bins, so everything is super organized!

    Best to contact me through whatsapp +972-505-703-123 or Facebook.
    Talk to you soon!

    IMG_4905. IMG_1172. IMG_6377. IMG_6379. IMG_6380. IMG_6385. IMG_6387. IMG_6413. IMG_7855. IMG_6753.

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