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Discussion in 'For Sale / wanted' started by MEBARKI FARAH, May 4, 2017.


    MEBARKI FARAH New Member


    We are a French couple, traveling since December (by feet) and January by car bought in Santiago in our lovely, lovely, « Rosita », in those two wonderful countries, wich are Chile and Argentina!

    After travelling, from Santiago to Pucon to Chiloé, we’ve been on the Amazing Carretera Austral, from Chaiten to Cochrane.

    From Cochrane to Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos to Ushuaia, and we proceed to get back up by the Atlantic coast untill we decide to head back around the « Regíon of Lagos » and « Tierra de los Volcanos ».

    We finally crossed one of the highest border of south America at 4800 high to come back to Chile at San Pedro de Atacama.

    Our Car never let us down, she allowed us to take the most roughest roads and see the most hidden and beautifulest landscape we ever seen.

    The car alllow you to drive completly safely from the smoothest road to the most chaotique ones, washboard, sand, mud, rain, dust never scares it.

    The very straight, flat, boring, never ending roads, passes like lightning, because of her comfort. It’s like drinving in the middle of nowhere from your sofa.

    But Sadly, we have to let her be and be the Amazing Companion of new travelers who want to have a wonderful trip.

    Currently we are in La Serena, but we’ll be around Santiago next week.

    THE Amazing Rosita:

    2007 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with a powerful V6-Engine, very well maintained offering you the following:

    - approx. 165'000 km by the end of our trip depending on area of purchase (current 163‘000km)

    - 3.0 l V6 Gasoline Engine, 177HP

    - automatic 4 speed

    - 2wd - 4wd high gear and low gear

    - separate differential lock

    - Fuel consumption: depending on road conditions approx. 12 l / 100km

    - registered in Chile

    - gasoline (74L tank)

    - electrical windows all around

    - rooftop window electrical

    - air-conditioning

    - 1 full size spare tire

    - tinted rear windows

    - steering wheel lock with key

    - black leather interior in good condition

    - 5 seats

    - colour: white

    - title of the car in our name

    - jack

    60L spare gas in three 20L jerrycans.

    And more (fire extinguisher, jack…)

    Rosita is registered in Chile in our name including all official documents:

    -SOAP (CONSORCIO SEGUROS) ok untill march 2018.

    - The official annual "technical revision" is made & valid until November 2017.

    The "permiso de circulación" (Santiago Municipalidad) (taxes) are paid till 31.03.2018 and the "seguro obligatorio" of Chile (mandatory insurance) is paid and valid until 31.03.2018.

    the internationnal seguro (MAPFRE SEGUROS) is paid untill 31.08.2017


    So far,

    - oil change with filters (air, oil & fuel) every 10’000 km

    - suspension in the front (both)

    4 tires changed

    All receipts of replacements & checks available.

    We are going to do:

    Full check up

    new oil, all filters changes


    Inside the car you have full equipment, like

    - foldable wood platform as a bed base in the back,

    - 2 baby mattresses


    1 5x7m tarp

    some tools

    - inversor 12V to 220 V

    air compressor

    Tire pressure checker

    - full set of compact cooking equipment

    - camping stove

    1 Italian Coffee Maker

    - 2 large storage boxes for dishes and food which fit perfectly at the back

    - 2 smaller boxes for other things

    - barbecue stuff

    -2 camping stools

    - hatchet

    FM stereo transmetter with jack Iphone/mac & Android compatible

    -1 French guide « Le Routard » Chili

    -1 Lonely Planet in Spanish Argentina and Uruguay

    Roads and Parcs Maps Chile and Argentina

    and more…


    We are selling around and in Santiago (in Santiago we know a good Notario). The Price we're asking for is € 8800 or 9500$ or CLP 6500000 negociable reasonnably (currency fees included) or best offers.

    If you wish to know more about the vehicle please get in touch we’ll be very happy to give you more infos.

    Wazup :Lucas: +6 60 73 50 78

    Farah: +6 67 78 96 73

    Chilean number: (+56) 9 6328 0206

    Mail : farah.mebarki@gmail.com


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