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LED Lighting

Discussion in 'Equipment Reviews' started by buck rogers, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. buck rogers

    buck rogers New Member

    Who has it, what do you have, is it what you expected it to be and would you by it again?

    My first entry into this type of lighting was the result of what I continually tell my wife is my fear of the dark and the fact that all of my current forms of lighting where quickly overtaking my electrical systems ability to provide power. The Blitz Pro brand is what I am currently using. They are 15" double row 3 watt Cree bulbs which are listed as mid/fill pattern. Power consumption is 72 watts, and the light is rated at 5500 Lumens.
    Now I do know that their are other mfgr. to choose from, Rigid being one of the "high" end brands and a host of knock offs on EBay. So now I guess here is where I say wether I would buy again or pass. I think the light they provide is far better than the 4 Hellas I did have on my roof. One of the light bars did develop a leak if you will condensation became a problem, the mfg. was made aware of the problem and a replacement was sent at no charge along with free return label for the defective unit. I do think that I will replace the lights however, but only because I would like the bulb pattern to be the narrower spot type. I see one of the current lights going to the front bumper (replacing the last two Hellas ) and the other going on the bow of my duck hunting boat. So I guess the only question left to be answered is how long will the new bar be 30" or 40" and I'm leaning towards 40" ---- it sure is dark out there.
  2. buck rogers

    buck rogers New Member

    My replacement light has failed. I feel as if I must make a change sooner than later. Maybe by the time I am finished experimenting with LED's I will have as much invested in off brand lights that are no longer working than I would have spent on a name brand. But there's no fun in that.

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