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Overlanding through China

Discussion in 'Central & Northern Asia' started by IOANNIS GIANNOPOULOS, May 27, 2014.

  1. Hello there
    I read the soonest I start dealing with the crossing from China the better will be.
    I am giving you a quick rundown of my schedule .I am leaving Greece in the end of August 2014 and after a quick trip in the Balkans I am entering Turkey and via Iran I will head to India .I would most possible ship the Car to Malaysia and then head to Thailand and Lao .I am looking for your help since I need to cross China around April 2015 on my way back home.Now can either be back in India and follow the same route back home or Up to Kazakstan and Via Russia back in Europe or even Kyrgyzstan . Depending which
    will come more economic and time efficient.In to my knowledge the last one would be more costy but I would have more chances to put together a group.
    In Simple words I am looking for overlanders entering from Lao and heading West to share the cost of crossing China.
    Calculate that the Guide will be riding along with us and the accommodation will be mostly camping. My Car will be under a Greek Carnet de Passage and I am travelling on a Greek passport and my girlfriend on a Australian. I have already contact Navo tours.
  2. Carl

    Carl New Member

    Hi Ioannis!

    Did you end up making this trip? How did you go with crossing china??


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