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Panamá to Colombia shipping agent

Discussion in 'Shipping' started by thepinproject, May 17, 2017.

  1. thepinproject

    thepinproject New Member

    If you are looking for stress-free, hassle-free, professional and honest service for shipping from Panamá to Colombia (containers only), just drop a line to Boris. Great service. Highly recommended!!!

    We paid 2330 USD for 2 cars & 2 bikes (DR 650s). After loading, check WINGO fares to fly cheap cheap to Cartagena.

    For 2 cars only, the 40' container is 2030 USD (All-in price).

    More info:

    Boris G. Jaramillo

    Ever Logistics, Inc.

    e-mail: sales3@everlogistics.net

    e-mail: boris_jaramillo@hotmail.com

    Phone: (507) 431-0390 / 431-0391 / 431-0392 / 431-0393 / 431-0394

    Fax : (507) 431-0395

    Cel.: (507) 6213-3485

    Skype: borisj23

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