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Panama - Colombia Container share

Discussion in 'Shipping' started by OverlandSphere, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Theo de Gueltzl

    Theo de Gueltzl New Member

    HEY !!!
    Have you found people to share the container yet ?
    I will be willing to travel end of march, April.
  2. Theo de Gueltzl

    Theo de Gueltzl New Member

    Have you found someone ?
    I am keen on shipping around end of March
  3. RandyGJackson

    RandyGJackson New Member

    Hi folks,

    Looking to get organized further out with plans for shipping between Panama and Colombia. My schedule at this point is to ship my 2003 Crew Cab F250 with a 4" lift and roof racks (the lift and roof racks are important for height factor of containers) around mid to late August. If anyone else is looking to ship around this time, my truck comes in at around 24', which means a small vehicle or several motorcycles in a shared 40' container.

    Also if anyone has suggestions regarding size issues and options available then please let me know!
  4. YongPil Cho

    YongPil Cho New Member

    Hi fellow Overlanders!

    I am looking for a fellow overlander to share a container from Colombia to Panama. I am still looking for a shipping company so if you already have a container reserved, we can share. I am currently in Colombia, repairing our vehicle in Bogota. We will be up and ready to hit the road by the beginning of next week and can meet you at any port cities in Colombia. Is anyone interested in sharing your container with me? My desired shipping schedule to Panama is around the end of April to beginning of May for my Land Rover LR3 2008 model with roof racks.

    Please let me know!!
  5. ElBuscador

    ElBuscador New Member

    Good Morning!

    I am currently in Panama City looking for someone to share container in next week if possible - My name is Tymoteusz I am from Poland and have Nissan Xterra. If somebody would be interested please give a sign - my mail - tymionek@gmail.com.

    Cheers to everybody!
  6. Bina

    Bina New Member

    Hey there.
    Just wondering if anybody is interested in sharing a 40feet-container in the beginning of June from Panama to Colombia?
  7. wherethewildonesgo

    wherethewildonesgo New Member

    Hi everyone,

    We are in need for a container-mate on the route Panama - Colombia, ideally for the first week of July. Anyone interested in sharing a container with our Suzuki XL7?

    Greetings from Mexico,
    Didem & Wim
  8. This thread seems to have died off a while ago, but just in case -- if anyone is looking to share a shipping container from Panama to Colombia in mid/late February 2017, please give us a shout! We are flexible on dates and haven't booked anything yet.

    We're two Canadians driving a Toyota Tacoma and are happy to meet new faces! :)
  9. Warrick

    Warrick New Member

    Hey all, unsure if this thread is still alive. But we are sorting a container from Panama to Colombia around either 14th or 21st May 2017. We already are in contact with a broker, speak fluent spanish and aren't really the type of people to f&*k you over... so you should probably contact us if you want to share shipping costs! Bikes and vehicles welcome, we already have 1 motorbike sharing. preferred contact on https://facebook.com/waziwona
  10. OverlandSphere

    OverlandSphere Administrator Staff Member

    We have a few people looking at container shares in the next month, contact us through ivssuk.com or Facebook

    We currently have people looking for container shares in mid May & June, so please contact us if interested.
  11. jona

    jona New Member

    I am looking for someone who wants to share a 40' feet container between Panama & Columbia at the 04. June.

    My vehicle size is 4.80m. So still space for another camper or a couple of motorbikes ;-)

    I already stay in contact with a agent!

    Are you interested -let me know... jona5@gmx.de

    Cheers ✌Jona
  12. DaiHan Anchor Chain

    DaiHan Anchor Chain New Member

  13. Ingrid Liot

    Ingrid Liot New Member

    Hey there! We are about to cross the border from Costa Rica to Panama. Looking to ship our Ford van e250 4x4 by the end of August or beginning of September. Ideally from Colon to Cartagena. If you want to share a container with us please message me. This is our blog www.downtheline.info
  14. Matias Renta

    Matias Renta New Member

    Hi! still locking for a container partner? yo tengo un contenedor listo por 1000 USD cada uno. El martes 29 hay que subir los carros al cotenedor. Yo lo iba a compartr con otra perona pero esa persona no llegó. El lunes hay que hacer los tramites para el martes poder subir los carros al contenedor
    Ingrid Liot likes this.
  15. Is anyone looking to share a shipping container around the Darien gap around the first of January? I have an E350 4x4 van that is about 21 feet long, looking to share a 40 foot shipping container from Panama to Columbia.

  16. Ekaterina

    Ekaterina New Member

    Hi everyone. We need a partner for shipping South. We are shipping our Mercedes Sprinter from Panama to Colombia on 28-th of September 2017 (Thursday). or asap
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2017
  17. Kirsi

    Kirsi New Member

    Hello, I have a Toyota FJ Cruiser and am looking to share a container shipping south to Colombia. I am in Costa Rica now and would like to ship near the beginning to middle of December. Flexible on dates.
  18. Sonja

    Sonja New Member

    This is last minute but our shipping partners ran into mechanical trouble and can't make the boat so we are looking for a vehicle to share our 40' container from Colon to Cartagena on Thursday Oct 19, 2017 (inspection no later than Wednesday). We are 19' (5.8 m) so would need someone a bit shorter. We'd pay 65% of shipping costs. sjernstrom@gmail.com
  19. Danbee Song

    Danbee Song New Member

    I want to join you if it is not too late. Please email me. kkbaek2@gmail.com

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