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Possible change of plan

Discussion in 'Overland Adventures & Expeditions - Planned' started by daveandles, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. daveandles

    daveandles New Member

    Well we first decided we would drive back from Thailand to the UK after driving there in 2014 (www.plodd.net), however, we may have a dramatic change of plan, we are now considering shipping Plodd from Thailand to North America then spending some time there before traveling into South America.
    The challenge is we need info about shiping and costs, vehicle insurance in North America and how long can we keep Plodd in the States, so if there is anybody that has shiped from SE Asia that could give us some insite into how difficult it is, we would very much welcome your comments.

    Dave and Lesley
  2. daveandles

    daveandles New Member

    OK Plan 365 is now on we have payed the deposit and we start our trip on 1st June leaving Chonburi Thailand and heading north to Laos, our trip will trake us through Laos in to China (16 days starting 7th June 2017) then Mongolia, Russia to start, our destination is unknown at the moment, it could be Hungary, Romania or just heading for the Med.
    We are looking for other to travel through China to lower the cost.

    Dave and Les

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