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Discussion in 'For Sale / wanted' started by 15over150, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. 15over150

    15over150 New Member

    RHD Delica L300 super-exceed, 1993, 2.5 turbo diesel, high clearance.
    Bought in Vancouver in October 2016.
    We've driven it down to Ushuaia and added 40000km to the meter,
    so it should be at about 285000km in Santiago.
    BC registered and valid insurance.
    Super economic consumption at about 10L/100km.
    Skylight and sunroof for plenty of light, curtains for intimacy, larger wheel-well for bigger wheels, all-terrain tires bought new garanteed for 85000km(minus our 40000km or so),
    roof rack with 20L DIYed solar shower, 5kg propane tank, two-burner camping stove,
    Coleman electric cooler-fridge, queen size bed, a large marine battery with 1500W inverter, fan, 2 chairs, lots of under-bed storage, cd-bluetooth-aux recent audio system, untested integrated karaoke system (not a joke), complete toolbox, US powerbar, 2 8L jerrycans (bringing the autonomy to around 800km).
    The bed goes all the way back but there is about one feet between the bed and the back of the frontseats, so you can sit backwards with enough leg and head space to be comfortable, the front seats as backrest and integrated "table" in the reversed armrest (i know, it's unclear, see the photo).
    The downsides of this van, are ones that we lived without and bought as-is: non-working a/c, 4WD-Low locked (Never needed it, 4WD-High works fine and we've done loads of off-road without getting stuck) and few spots of surface-rust.
    Obviously, it's a diesel-go-everywhere-monster-truck, not a racecar, so average speed is 100km.
    Overall, we put over 5000$ on parts (incl.all new belts), conversion etc. to make it more than sound and confortable for the trip. All verifications and maintenance are done on time.
    We serviced and replaced (new) all brakes and front suspension in Ecuador in January.
    We've had litterally no mechanical problems so far, it's the most reliable vehicule we've had. Ramon allowed us to travel to the most remote places and thoroughly enjoy North, Central and South America.
    It’ll obviously come with pretty much anything you need to live in it... Pots, pans and what nots.
    If you are interested, contact us via email at bgissinger@hotmail.com
    Last info but not least: we are asking 12000$US.
    Don’t be shy to ask any questions. (french, english or spanish)

    Safe Travels,
    Baptiste, Joelle-Ann + Muscade

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  2. 15over150

    15over150 New Member

    Price drop to 10000$ wooohooo
    *New batteries
    *New alternator
    The van couldn't be readier for another panam adventure!

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