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RHD - Costa Rica New / Updates

Discussion in 'South & Central America' started by OverlandSphere, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. OverlandSphere

    OverlandSphere Administrator Staff Member

    In late 2015 a couple were refused entry into Costa Rica with a RHD, prior to this vehicles entered with out problems read more here:

    Since then Costa Rica has communicated that RHD vehicles are illegal on Costa Rican roads, and that any insurance purchased will be invalid. This is due to a technicality in local laws.

    Further to this customs at the border have been instructed not to allow RHD vehicles to enter.

    Costa Rica Update June 2016: Legal Response from the British Embassy

    The British embassy has been working with the Costa Rican
    authorities and have stated that Costa Rica plans to implement new rules to allow RHD vehicles in to the country legally.

    No time frame has been provided for the
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  2. OverlandSphere

    OverlandSphere Administrator Staff Member

    RHD - Costa Rica - Update,

    This afternoon we received a note from the British Embassy in Costa Rica - The Status still remains the same, technically RHD are not legal to drive in Costa Rica, customs as far as we are aware are still not letting RHD vehicles in to the country.

    For now there has been no published timeline as to when the new rules allowing RHD into the country will be implemented.

    Note if you do make it into the country it is likely that any insurance purchased will not be valid.

    It has been a few months since we have heard of anyone attempting to enter with a RHD.

    For future updates on this matter see our Overlanding South & Central America FB Group


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