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Shipping from Costa Rica / Panama to the USA? Split a shared container?

Discussion in 'Shipping' started by anijap, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. anijap

    anijap New Member

    Does anyone have experience shipping a vehicle from Costa Rica / Panama to anywhere in the USA?
    I am in the process of reaching out to various shipping companies (both RORO and container) and wanted to get an idea about what is considered a reasonable shipping cost and if there are any caveats to watch out for? I have a camper shell and would be wanting to ship it back with all the camping gear.

    If you are looking to ship things back from CR/Panama to the USA in a shared container, let me know and we could split the costs. I'll be here in Costa Rica during February/March but can ship it out whenever during this time.

    Thanks in advance for any tips!
  2. aidenryan

    aidenryan New Member

    I would suggest you to contact AAA auto moving company where they do shipping in a secure manner across USA. The vehicles are insured and get best service at a reasonable cost.

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