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SouthAmerica - why not ...

Discussion in 'Welcome / Introductions' started by gitano, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. gitano

    gitano New Member

    Hello :)
    Just a few words in order to introduce ourselves:
    Senior Swiss couple, Béatrice and Chris. Motorhome travellers since many years, mainly Europe, and Morocco. Plus US and Canada (car and tent - many years ago).
    We are joining this forum to get more informations and contacts about travelling in South America.
    And because our friends on the road in SA are making us curious!
    Want to check out possibilities of buying a camper in SA instead of bringing our own.
    Thanks for any kind of information or hints about that :) chris
  2. rkhammack

    rkhammack New Member

  3. rkhammack

    rkhammack New Member

    Greetings. My name is Roger, I came to Pitalito – Colombia last year first time and decided to move here permanently. I had been traveling central and south America for nearly a year. I have been staying with a friend here in Pitalito and we’ve been looking at the possibility of exporting coffee to the U.S.A. You can check us out at: pitacoffee.com
    After I decided to apply for a temporary residence visa, I had been trying to legalize the truck here in Colombia but it has been impossible, so I decided to sale it. Now, it has to be bought by someone who might be thinking about traveling to South America or from South America going back to the States. This is what I have.
    Ford Pickup; F-250 SUPER DUTY XL 2004, POWER STROKE V8, TURBO DIESEL; 6 SPEED; WHITE, CB RADIO (NEEDS ANT),AM/FM Radio, Dual Power Outlets, power windows, and door locks, Runs great.
    We had a problem with the engine but we had it overhaul and repaired, we spent over $5.000 dollars on it and it runs like great now. It has some dents on the body but if we come to any agreement we would have them repair but that depends on the potential buyer. The truck is worth at least $ 7.000 dollars but because of the need to sell it or lose it we take offers.

    I tried to upload so pictures and failed. If you are interested I can email you some photos.

    Thanks Roger
  4. World Tour 2

    World Tour 2 New Member

    I purchased a USA licensed vehicle in Argentine and drove it back to the USA. It worked out fine. I would recommend contacting Heinz at Paraiso Suizo. This place is one of if not the most popular location to temporarily store Overlander vehicles. There are often vehicles stored there that are for sale. Ask Heinz if he knows of any vehicles that are for sale.

    I think it's a great idea to purchase a vehicle in SA, but know that it would require a trip once a year to renew the "vehicle visa"

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