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Video Feedback

Discussion in 'Photography & Videography' started by TheOverlanders, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. TheOverlanders

    TheOverlanders New Member

    Hello Everybody,

    I am soon to be setting off again (3rd Attempt) on the Alaska - Ushuaia route.

    This time I want to make a short video for each country, so now I am practicing!

    I would really appreciate your feedback on this video, as it is the potential style I would like to continue with.

    If anybody has any tips on editing, software to be used, or camera setup, that would be greatly appreciated.

    SO ... Here is my first video on this project

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  2. My Overland Adventure

    My Overland Adventure Around the World in a Land Cruiser

    Which camera are you using?

    I looked into using our DSLR for video, but in the end decided that we were taking far too many photos, i just would not have enough time for recording, editing and to make the most out of the extra gear, all we really needed was a better mount, i,e shoulder mount to keep it the camera steady and focus ring...

    The SLR's were fine for recording video on tripod, and we also used the go pro and go pro software but not much more than that,

    Have a good trip
  3. I realize this is old, so I am going to check you out on youtube, but I like the video. Hope you got a bunch of travel vids for me to binge watch. I have a youtube channel as well and am currently traveling Mexico and Central America. Always looking for inspiration.

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