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Which is the best Overland 4x4?

Discussion in 'Which Vehicle?' started by OverlandSphere, May 26, 2013.


Which is the best Overland 4x4?

  1. Toyota - Land Cruiser

  2. Toyota - 4Runner, Prado, Hilux

  3. Land Rover - Defender

  4. Land Rover - Discovery

  5. Nissan - Patrol

  6. Other - Please state

  1. OverlandSphere

    OverlandSphere Administrator Staff Member

    In your opinion which is the best Overland 4x4 taking into consideration the following:
    • Reliability
    • Value for money
    • Specs
    Please feel free to explain the reasons for your choice.....
  2. santiago arata

    santiago arata New Member

    maybe it's not the best one, thought, but I'll try to do it with an 1995 bertone freeclimber II
  3. OverlandSphere

    OverlandSphere Administrator Staff Member

    It may not best the off roader, but looks the part, and should not have any problems with most of normal overland routes.

    Good luck with your Trip, when and where do plan to go ?
  4. buck rogers

    buck rogers New Member

    I am really enjoying my FJ , but I guess I'm a little biased,
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  5. jensmh

    jensmh New Member

    Love my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited...beeing converted to an overland Travel vehicle step by step
  6. graynomad

    graynomad New Member

    Landcruiser, 75-series, I've been without a Cruiser for a few years now but just purchased a 75-series to fitout as an overland vehicle (probably just for Oz)
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  7. buck rogers

    buck rogers New Member

    Good luck with your build, I would love to find a 75 series truck.
  8. OutdoorX4

    OutdoorX4 New Member

    The 75 Series and Wrangler JKU (aka 4-door Wrangler) are excellent options. The FJ, as well as Taco, are also good choices. Some of this depends on the amount of space you'll need (unless you have full use of a roof rack and/or trailer to pull extra gear) as those with families obviously need the extra seating capacity, as well as how "comfortable" you want to be while in the backcountry.

    We'll be doing a build on a "budget overlander" in a series of issues of OutdoorX4 once we launch and the vehicle we chose for that build is actually a Jeep Cherokee.
  9. Gary

    Gary New Member

    I love my 300 tdi discovery had her 7 years never let me down! Easy and simple to work on would recommend to anyone!
    The key is keep it simple. IMO
  10. Zevro

    Zevro New Member

    For us we went with a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 5 speed manual with a 12 valve Cummins Diesel and no computers. Zevro I was a 1985 FJ60 and was a great rig but the comfort level was poor and so we searched for a good six months before we found Zevro II. It`s a quad cab with a short box and steel camper shell. There is still much to do even at being 75% completed. The other 25% is outfitting it with gear and building up the camper shell interior. Oh yeah the reason why a Dodge. For one the Cummins 12 valve is perhaps one of the easiest diesel engines to work on. It is not unheard of to get a million miles on one providing you do your part in taking care of it. The truck itself is as tuff as anything else out there. Anyway here is something different.
  11. Overlanding for me is defined as a vehicle-relaying journey that the primary goal is the journey and not the destination it self . Owning a Land Cruiser Prado 120 I found out that the above can be done without the physically exhaustion that other hard core 4X4 sacrifice in order to deliver the extreme off road capabilities that might or might IMG_3448. not have and you might or might not ever use.Reliable and a great value for its money the Land Cruiser Prado 120 is for me the perfect balances between the off road capabilities of all older Land Cruisers and other Brand 4x4 but with the difference that at the end of the ride you still feel like you just drove on asphalt road from your house to the near by park. Wish to all Overlanders out there a great safe trip.
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  12. CARiD

    CARiD New Member

    I gave my vote to Land Cruiser, as it's the best combination or Reliability, Value for money and Specs, however I think 4x4 vans like Ford E-series are even more convenient overland vehicles.
  13. Mr Rehab

    Mr Rehab New Member

    Likewise my vote went to Landcruiser, the 'Troopcarrier' variant the best choice for a smallish self contained package; but any of the heavier duty Japanese 4wds would be fine. In terms of value for money, the Landcruiser is so overpriced in Australia there is much better value in buying a 4wd light truck eg Isuzu or Fuso Canter. The truck has a similar footprint and turning circle meaning you can access anywhere a large 4wd can go, carries twice as much 6000kg vs 3500kg, built tough and mostly simple (engine electronics a possible issue) and costs the same as the LC. For example:
  14. rybochkina

    rybochkina New Member

    I gave my vote for Toyota Hillux, though Land Cruiser is worth as well, but too expensive for us.
    So we tried to make our own Land Cruiser.


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