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Now we’ve done a lot of off roading, in Africa the easiest way to reach a destination may not be direct, it could involve a couple river crossings, or consist of driving through some dried up riverbeds, well you get the point.

We’ve encountered a few disturbing messages on our GPS throughout our travels that we thought would be nice to share. So here goes…

1. Bad Mud

Bad Mud

2. Do not camp in the riverbed. Serious flash floods in rainy season.

Do not camp in Riverbed serious flash floods

 3. Elephant Attack

Elephant Attack

4. Don’t camp here. You will kill the Rhino…

Do not camp here you will kill the rhino

5. Sinkhole


 6. Deep Washout

Deep Washout

 7. Serious 4wd Needed

serious 4WD Needed

 8. Beach (Don’t Swim Here)

Beach (Dont Swim Here)

 9. Road Washed Away

Road Washed Away

 10. Deep Sand

Deep Sand

 11. Is That a Honey Badger???


12. God Help Me Pass

God Help Me Pass

13. Divundu Closed/Nothing! 

Divundu closed! Nothing

14. Aggressive Elephants

Aggressive Elephants

 15. Elephant Song Village (Deserted Due To Lions)

Elephant Song Deserted Due to Lions