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Here is the route of my trip from the Tanzania/Malawi Songwe Border through Malawi to Mchinji/Chipata Boder with Zambia:

A Songwe Border to B Chitimba Camp – 135kms, this is perfect tar but driving is limited at 80kms per hour and often slower due to the number of people and animals walking along either side of the road.

B Chitimba to C Nkhata Bay – 178kms, good tar all the way. This takes quite a long time as the road breaks away from the lake shore and winds up an escarpment and down the other side.

C Nkhata Bay to D Chintheche – 40kms, easy driving – the villages are set right on the road so watch out for children that play here!

D Chintheche to E Lilongwe – 350kms, long days drive here but very do able. The tar is excellent all the way.

E Lilongwe to F Mchinji/Chipata Border – 125kms, easy riding on flat tar. Look out for the beautiful tea farms along the way.

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