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Here is the route of my trip from Arusha across to Lake Tanganyika and down to Malawi (you can move the map around by clicking and holding)

Nairobi (blue) to Arusha (red) – 170 miles (5 hours, great road, border crossing easy)

Arusha to Tabora (green) – 392 miles (they were doing road works near Arusha, good tar to Singida and then patchy gravel road to Tabora) this took around 10 hours…

Tabora to Katavi (yellow) – 275 miles (this road is very do-able but incredibly slow. It had been dry and so the roads were ok, very bumpy 20km/h driving. Wouldn’t like to do this in the rainy season!) Stopping for photos and taking it chilled, this took almost 12 hours.

Katavi to Kipili LakeShore Lodge (purple) – 93 miles (took things slow as we completed the game drive through Katavi, roads quite corrugated for a long time and you’re not able to drive at pace, last stretch down to Kipili is a beautiful escarpment road) this took around 4 hours.

Kipili LakeShore Lodge to Sumbawanga (teal) – 92 miles (ok dirt road) took 3 hours.

Sumbawanga to Mbeya (blue) – 210 miles (first 40 miles are being rebuilt this road so it should be great in a few months, the rest was great tar, extremely congested with trucks near Tunduma due to Zambian border) took 5 hours.

Mbeya to Songwe Malawi Border (red) – 70 miles (great tar all the way, absolutely beatufiul drive down the escarpment into Malawi) took 2 hours – SPEED COPS THE ENTIRE WAY (they sit in the many 50km/h zones)

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