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Pink Papaya, Chimoio, Mozambique

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We found this place in the dead of night, actually complete luck as we drove down the main road into Chimoio through a black gate we took a left turn to do a u-turn and as the lights swung around, we could see the “Pink Papaya” sign painted on the white wall. It was actually a god send, as we had enquired at the Hotel up the road who wanted $100+ a night and we declined the crazy offer.

The place is run by Anja and Friedo who are pleasant enough and have a great white Pink Papaya 4×4 parked in the drive way. Oh yes and two massive brown ridgeback dogs to look after you, just don’t sit on his chair and a large table to sit at on the patio outside!

The dorm has 10 beds and there’s one double room, which is large and comfortable draped by a huge mosquito net. Nice place and the people running it are very welcoming.

Pink Papaya sign on the white wall

Pink Papaya sign on the white wall

Pink Papaya patio

Pink Papaya patio

Pink Papaya house and dorm

Pink Papaya house and dorm

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