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A little event today justifies a tiny blog of its own…

This morning, on our way out of Bwindi, Clive & decided to visit Bwindi Lodge to see if it would be affordable to book for January when Vic & I come back for our gorilla trek. As I was walking down the steps to the lodge I saw a large monkey sitting two feet away from me in the bushes. As it didn’t seem to mind my presence & looked like quite a big monkey, I stopped for a chat. He wasn’t particularly sociable & continued to munch on leaves with his back to me, refusing to answer my questions. So I carried on down the path.

As I reached the bottom of the path I turned left towards what I thought was reception… to come face to face with 5 gorillas!!! They were as startled as I was, but just looked up & grunted at me – slightly more sociable than their friend then. In a wizz of excitement I ran back up the steps to fetch my camera & Clive – who I found sitting at the top happily watching another big male playing in the top of a tree nearby.

We both went back down the steps – this time to catch the whole family mooching by, including a big silverback & two absolutely adorable babies!! Wow!

Sadly I only managed to get one photo, as by this time the park rangers had appeared with their trekking group & weren’t too pleased at us managing to get a free gorilla sighting.

How fabulous could a start to the day be?!!!

By the way – we didn’t book the lodge…. $400 a night was a bit steep, even if you do get gorillas in the garden occasionally.