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And Santa really spoiled us this year – he obviously knew how to nudge us in the right direction. Our library has now grown by a few books.

We then spent a large portion of the day with books open on the floor, our laminated map up on the wall, and started to plot our route in a bit more detail. A few hours later, and we had border crossing points marked, some short trails, and points of interest marked from Morocco to Nigeria.
We are very conscious of maintaining a balance between planning the trans-Africa route to ensure we see everything we want to see, and allowing for spontaneity along the way. We are erring more towards the side of spontaneity.
A huge motivator for us for our adventure across Africa is to see the wildlife. So, as we read and research, we are on the lookout for national parks that are worth visiting. As we have already realised, this has resulted in a slight “detour” in route (from what we loosely had been thinking) and hopefully into some interesting places and countries. For this reason, it looks like Niger – somewhere we had been avoiding – will feature on the itinerary. All exciting. All feeling real.
Aside from preparations for Christmas, we started our course of innoculations. It seems our Hep A only needs a booster rather than starting from scratch – one less jab!. Also, our typhoid is still valid, although may expire towards the end of the trip, so we need to keep an eye on this one. So, we started with our booster Hep A and first Hep B shot. Sore shoulders for a few days, and back again in 4 weeks for the second Hep B. Check out the medical preparations for our innoculation schedule.
36 weeks to go until we leave …