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01 jan 2015
Marsabit to Moyale
I leave Marsabit and head north. The road is tarred for the first 100 km and very good conditions, affermage is gravel road for 150 km with some bit tarred due to work in progress. The desert around the new road is a stones desert quite impressive, beside the new tarred road there is the old one. I did try to ride it for few kms and u can ensure you that it is a though job. When all the travel from Marsabit to Moyale was done on this road it was really a difficult 9 hours journey for inlet 250 km. The old road is very stony with both fixed sharp rocks and big loose stones. Of course sand is always present and can appear any time. Eventually I decide to go back to the new tarred road. The 150 km off-road are mixed with some stretch of good gravel and some bad stretch with bad deep channels dogged by water or tracks. Again sand can always appear, but in general the road is not that bad after all. Along side the road you can see plenty of camels like in Egypt and the locals bringing them to the water hole or back to the villages hidden in the desert. Eventually I arrive in Moyale, the last city of Kenya and the first one of Ethiopia. Moyale is in fact split in two. The us the Moyale on the Kenyan side and the Moyale on the Ethiopian side. The Kenyan border is very fast but the Ethiopian one quite slow.
I always heard bad things about Moyale, dangers, banditry, ambiguous people etc… In reality the city is an average African small city, people have been nice and prompt to provide informations and communicate. And the hotel where we staid was one for locals and it was indeed very nice, quite and frankly relaxing. I said We as at the border I met Norman, a German Overlander that is doing the same route as me. He is riding a splendid KTM 950 with hard bags. We decided to continue the travel together up to Addis Ababa. As it is already late, 16:30, we decide to stay in Moyale and , as I said, it has been a very nice and relaxing experience. Moyale, good surprise!