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4 jan 2015
Stay at buska lodge
In the morning, after a nice breakfast, we went to Kolcho to visit the Karo tribe. Of course we offloaded the bikes first! My 640 without bags feels so light!! It was a great off-road track of about 55 km. Very very amusing. We passed through few villages of Hammer, amazing sceneries, all with 40 deg Celsius!! The track is stony at the beginning but the last 15-20 km is sandy with some point with deep sand. It is really a fun ride!! Once arrived at the village we were surprised of how touristic this place has become. There were five 4×4 leaving the place, three still there. One group of tourists was sitting on plastic chairs listening to the guide. We entered a hut were there was solar power, electricity and a fridge. Good to take a cool coca cola by the way… In this contest the Karo were there aligned with their body painting and decoration waiting for the tourist to take pictures…. I don’t like to judge but this is not the reason I came to Africa… I am sure that the next village, Dus, is much less visited by tourists and a bit more authentic. Eventually the “guide” of the village tells us to pay as two cars! We told him that in a car there are four people and we are just two, so we should pay as one car! The guy was unmovable so, as we came, we left! Not before taking some picture of the Omo River… In the way back we stopped at the near village of Murli that is just beside the river. We ride the KTM down to the river in a lovely setting. Parked the motorbikes and started to talk to the two Karo boys that immediately came to see us. There are plenty of livestock here with the owner looking after them armed with a kalasmkof. As known, here the tribes from Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya fight for resources and some time they cross the border, or the river, to still the livestock of the enemy tribes. Blood is spread and revenge is the direct consequence… With the surprise of the locals I take out my fishing road and start fishing in the Omo River!! The sun is hitting us hard ( 40 deg Celsius) and the crocs swim one hundred meters away, but here I am spinning my lures in the Omo!!! It was a great day!! I didn’t catch anything but it was great anyhow! When we couldn’t take any more sun and Norman was red like a lobster, we decided to go to the shadow, eat the three vegetable rolls we took with us from the lodge, and finally left for the ride back. There are several tracks around the village and we got a bit lost, so we had to use the gps to find the right one and we got it after some 800 m off track. If has been very very amusing!! The way back has been fast, to fast probably, but really good fun!!! Once at Turmi we made fuel and went back at the Lodge for a shower and a cold beer. The day has been great, as only a day riding a KTM in Africa can be. A stony/gravel/sandy track, Hammer villages, sun, dust, dry river crossings, beautiful Omo river midday, little navigation/orientation, great fast sand tracks…. and I am glad I could share all of this with Norman.