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Botswana Part 1

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Kalahari N.P.

We were quite excited fir this one, and boy were we treated. We were in the park for all of three nights and our sightings included a big Kalahari male Lion with a thick black mane mating with two female Lionesses right on the road. They were there for two full days and the only moving they did was walk down the road in the direction of our campsite.

Just before packing it in at Sunday’s pan we watched 4 Bat-eared foxes fighting with two Honey badgers for something that was inside the burrows they were frantically trying to stick their heads into, but the Honey badgers held their ground ferociously (I wouldn’t want to come across one of these guys in a dark alley)

The bird life was amazing and we were treated to sightings of The Southern pale chanting Goshawk, Northern Korhaan (who make a hang of a lot of noise) and ducks of all colors.

We finally got to lay our eyes on Springbok and Gemsbok who are just so  very beautiful and fit this kind of landscape so well.

The Kalahari is not like any other park we have been to, but then again none of them are. They all have their very own uniqueness,

Maybe one day when we return we will get to see a Brown Hyeana, that would be a treat, but there is still Namibia for that spotting so let’s see.

Kalahari Botswana Part 1

Big black maned Kalahari Lion

Kala gems Botswana Part 1

Kalahari Gemsbok

Kal Springbok Botswana Part 1

Springbok finally

Kubu Island

Now this is another unusual one. The pan extends for miles in every direction and the camping spot is the only rocky circle of land with lots of Baobab trees for miles. The day we arrived a huge sand storm hit and while we were out for a walk among the rocky outcrops and trees, we had to hold on for dear life as the wind picked up. It’s a bizarre landscape but one I will not forget. There is even a shrine up there which made me feel quite freaked out with all the  crazy wind and sandstorm…. It seemed like the perfect start to a scary movie. That evening we sat under the stars, had a great meal and watched a storm blow about all around us, while we stayed dry on our little rocky island.

Kubu 2 Botswana Part 1

The isolation on Kubu Island

Kubu Island Botswana Part 1

Baobab island for campers

Kubu Botswana Part 1

Mikey Moo before the sand storm hit us



Nxai Pan

By this time the rain had arrived at Nxai Pan and did not hold back. It was so wet that all you concentrated on were the muddy roads you had to pass to get anywhere to view anything. The great thing about this time was that all the Springbok were dropping their little babies. We unfortunately did not see a birth ourselves but did watch a few possibles as the mums find a patch of grass to sit on and apparently when they start to stretchthat’s a pretty good sign that she is ready to give birth. After 2 nights we packed up and headed for Maun to clean Thumper and pack for our departure to Joburg to join family in Mozambique for Christmas and New Year.

Nxai Pan Botswana Part 1

Nxai Pan under water, one of the many grubby roads

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