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Quality Family time

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Saturday, the day before we left for the Kruger National Park, we invited Willie, Annette and Cora for a farewell braai at Naas & Heleen’s house. Liena were also invited and it felt as if she is part of our family now. She flew to London on Monday so in a way it was her farewell braai as well. Eretha and Vin could not join us for lunch because they were both working, but joined as later on. Heleen spoiled us with her fantastic decadent chocolate cupcakes and made roast vegetables, I baked a potbrood and Arno braai’d chicken and a leg of lamb that we brought with specially for this occasion all the way from Mossel Bay. We had a few bottles of Bubblies to celebrate this special occasion. Quality Family time All in all a very memorable afternoon with our family.

 Quality Family time

 Quality Family time

The bottle pops and Bella got a fright Quality Family time

 Quality Family time

Full and happy after a late lunch

 Quality Family time

Mom and daughters after an exciting day.


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