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Rissington Inn, Hazeyview

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We met Chris Harvie, travel Writer Sunday Times at the Sunbird camp site in Malawi, while he was on route to Mana Mana Pools, who invited us to drop in and catch up with him at his Rissington Inn in Mpumalanga. So as we entered South Africa from Mozambique we headed to Hazeyview. The staff at the Rissington were friendly enough to arrange us a room which was not in use, on a bank holiday weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed our night stay.

Unfortunately Chris was delayed by a day in Zim, so we’ll need to catch up with him soon. We absolutely loved the place which is a short drive from the Kruger gate!

It’s a tranquil oasis in the bush and worth a visit! Simply Breath taking!

 Rissington Inn, Hazeyview

Gardens of the Rissington


 Rissington Inn, Hazeyview

The Rissington Inn

 Rissington Inn, Hazeyview

Our room at the The Rissington Inn

 Rissington Inn, Hazeyview

Patio view


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