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07 jan 2015
As agreed last night, we visit the Bale Mountains with Daniele and Patrizia.
Amazing mountains… The landscape changes with the altitude passing from forest to a desolated and low vegetation rocky landscape at 4000m. There are several “alpine” lakes and several endemic plants. We reach the high point at 4200m and then we start descent toward the forest down into the escapement until a little village where we have lunch with local food and our sandwiches as well. The place is safe, there is Coka Cola! ;-) the highlight is the local honey, just fantastic!
In the higher plateau there are lots of roditors, mainly small but some big too. These are the favourite meal for the red Ethiopian wolf that we are seeking. In the way back from the same route, we have the chance to see 5 Ethiopian wolves. Very nice animal that resemble a red fox…
The guide says that through the park you can get to Kenya. This is a route not used by Overlanders and its a pity as the landscape is one of the best I have seen in Africa. After the park you can chose if to go to Yabelo/Moyale or if to head toward the eastern route closer to Somalia… Your choice!
During our way back to Dinsho we see the end of the market in Goba.
People rides decorated horses, it’s Christmas here! It would have been nice to stop at the market for a while to get closer to the people and take some picture but there is no time…
From Robe to Dinsho we hire a minibus for us…
Once at the Lodge again, we have a wok around the surrounding area, we are still into the park here, and we see several wild animals such as warthog sand the endemic Nyala!