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To avoid our mistake before getting to the belize border head over to Belize Agricultural Health Authority and download their application form to import animals and email this to

Ensure vaccinations against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza and echinococcus (6 species of tapeworm) etc are up to date!

The permit it valid for 90 days

Can be issued for more than 1 animal of the same species, e.g. you could import 10 dogs on the same permit.

Processing fee of $50BZ ($25USD). Or you can get a multiple entry pet passport that costs $100BZ ($50USD) valid for one year, for one pet.

Takes approximately 5 working days from issuance for receipt of import document and you will have to send a notification to BAHA at least 48 hours before arrival detailing the point of entry, date and approximate time of arrival.

These fees payable upon entry and must be paid in either Belize  or U.S. Dollars

There will also be an inspection fee of $20BZ ($10USD) at the border.