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Lobsterfest 2013
by Guest contributor James Kelley
It’s just after dark, there’s a slight breeze coming in from the Caribbean ocean, I’m on the beach listening to live music while thousands of people devour tasty lobsters cooked in large variety of ways. Where in the world am I? If you haven’t guessed by now you probably haven’t attended Placencia’s Lobsterfest.Lobsterfest as it’s called, is a huge beach party that happens every year on Belize’s Southern coastal peninsula. It’s origins come from celebrating the opening of lobster hunting season. The normally quiet and small seaside town of Placencia is taken over by Belizeans and tourists from all over world to fill their bellies with lobster, but also to enjoy the local culture. With dozens of vendors selling Belizean arts and crafts, local bands playing live music, and all sorts of events and contests going on there were no dull moments to be had.

Eating the freshly caught and cooked lobster is a must and there’s no shortage of ways it comes prepared. Sampling the variety is an adventure all of it’s own! Grilled, fried, kebabs, quiche, nachos just to name a few of the succulent dishes.

Lobsterfest Highlights 
-A large raffle with more than a dozen prizes that included airline tickets, tours, hotel stays, massages and much more.
-Best Lobster Dish Competition
-Lionfish Hunting Competition and Cook-off
-Beer Drinking CompetitionLobsterfest offers travelers a chance to join in an authentic Belizean celebration, socialize and mingle with locals in ways you normally couldn’t….There’s also a guarantee of leaving with your appetite satisfied.
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