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What does a juvenile sloth and a spider monkey have in common?  Irresistible cuteness.

We had the great fortune, to happen upon a young sloth while poking around the beaches and coves near Quepos, Costa Rica. A local was feeding it small leaves from the almond tree, so we followed along. If it hadn’t been for his unusually slow movements, those little pokey hooks on his feet would’ve been a little intimidating.  He didn’t have any teeth, so he just gnawed at the leaves until they were pulverized enough to swallow. His hook nails work great for hanging from trees, but didn’t work so well for grabbing the leaves from our hands. After we stopped feeding him, he curled up in a ball, and went to sleep on a branch. Can you just hear us saying, “awwwwwww”?

Soon after leaving this area of Costa Rica, we headed across the border to Panama, and made a beeline to the mountain town of Boquete.  The cooler air was refreshing.  It’s about 72 degrees all the time (day or night). We set up camp at a place called La Jungla de Panama, an animal rescue and rehab place. While Scott worked on the never-ending list of truck and bike projects, I volunteered every morning with the animals. The star of the show was, without a doubt, Daisy, the spider monkey. She was abused in the past, and has subsequently been known to break into dangerous fits, so no one is allowed in her cage. It’s sad because she is so sweet. She also thinks I’m sweet. Without fail, she hugs and grabs me when I walk up to her cage. With other people, it’s hit or miss – even with Scott. Muchas fotos follow: