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We are still in Antigua hanging out with GuateRider and GuateRider Girl. We cannot stop taking pictures in this lovely colonial town. They took us for a ride on Sunday to the La Reunion Golf Course for breakfast with an amazing view of the three volcanoes. You can see the old lava stream on Fuego. Daniel and Julio went for a guys ride up into the mountains to see another view of beautiful Guatemala. We rode up to San Miguel Duenas to the Macadamia farm again to have their famous pancakes and for a stop at the local car wash. We were in luck to be here for a visit from Mario97 and his family from El Salvador. We were walking in town and actually ran into someone we know, our friends Frank and Linda from Partner for Surgery. Heading out early today we went to ride up the Pacaya Volcano, around to Laguna Caldera, and Lago Amatitlan. finishing the loop at the park of the Cross above the city of Antigua. This tienda is our favorite place to buy tortillas. They are fresh and hot and 3 for 1 Q. We are here every few days. It is also close to our roasted chicken place and Daniel’s hot dog stand. Sara tried out Julio’s 1200 and she may trade in her 650????

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