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Leaving Matagalpa we opted for the long way round. There is a few km of dirt on the way to San Ramon. This is also a great ride! There is a fairly sketchy 20 km just past Muy Muy, but the rest of the road is good. The traffic on the drive thru Managua luckily was not too bad since the temperature was 37.5.

We had been offered a stay at the home of fellow ADV rider Salvador. He is actually riding from Cape Town to Egypt right now so his lovely Mom took very good care of us. There are Christmas lights on all year round in Managua!!

There is a massive Mango tree in their backyard so we had lots of juicy fruits! Their dog Nikita is one HOT dog!We went to visit Salvador’s grandma at her farm. They have an equine therapy center for disabled children. They also have trained horses that dance. We were sad to leave Casa Salvador!

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