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Leaving Matagalpa we opted for the long way round. There is a few km of dirt on the way to San Ramon. This is also a great ride! There is a fairly sketchy 20 km just past Muy Muy, but the rest of the road is good. The traffic on the drive thru Managua luckily was not too bad since the temperature was 37.5.

We had been offered a stay at the home of fellow ADV rider Salvador. He is actually riding from Cape Town to Egypt right now so his lovely Mom took very good care of us. There are Christmas lights on all year round in Managua!!

There is a massive Mango tree in their backyard so we had lots of juicy fruits! Their dog Nikita is one HOT dog!We went to visit Salvador’s grandma at her farm. They have an equine therapy center for disabled children. They also have trained horses that dance. We were sad to leave Casa Salvador!

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Sara “The Peach” Pedersen

I grew up in Vancouver, B.C. I attended the University of British Columbia and the University of Western Ontario. I met Daniel at Willow beach in Victoria on June 4 1994 and we were married June 22, 1996. Right from the beginning we shared the love of travel and adventure. Daniel surprised me with a Yamaha TTR 125 on our 5th wedding anniversary and I was hooked on off road motorsports. We have enjoyed off road motorbiking, single track and dunes riding. About 10 years ago we started to plan a big adventure to explore the world. After discussing different modes of transport we thought motorcycles were the right choice for us. In the fall of 2010 I took my motorcycle license course. Just before I completed the course I got my new 2010 BMW F650GS Twin! Let the adventure begin.

Daniel “Big D” Pedersen

I’m a country boy at heart that was born in Calgary, Alberta. I moved to the coast of B.C. as a teen and then to Victoria on Vancouver Island to attend College. I’m a numbers guy and an adrenaline junkie. I’m caught in the contradictory world of a love for great looking corporate balance sheets and the smell of race gas. Now a tad older my love of travel is starting to scream for more attention. No more just reading of great adventures. The time has come for this one lucky Dude and his Peach to start writing one of their own.

The Dynamic Duo

On June the 4th, 1994 she had long jet-black hair , wore cut off jean shorts and cowboy boots. He wore a floral tie and a grey suit. Despite the differences it seemed to work and two years later they were married. Early on they both pondered what they wanted out of life? To see the world, its people, and experience their cultures was their answer to one another. They settled in Port Moody, BC and have spent their lives intensely working towards the day when they could break free of the mundane, the ordinary and the ever-present trap of more stuff. They set a plan in motion and have worked towards it for the last ten years. The path has not always been easy, but it was totally worth it now that the dream is a reality. Hello world here we come!