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The nightmare continues.. After all the negative response on our request for insurance when arriving in Canada, we decided to reschedule our vehicle to arrive in the US. That was easily done. Same ship, same company, same cost, just one port further, Baltimore.

We will still fly to Montreal with Dunya because both flight and hotel could not be canceled anymore without cost. It is not allowed to rent a car in Montreal, and then drop it off in the US. That means one of us will take a bus or train to the nearest town across the border in the US and drive back to pick up the other and Dunya. We will then drive together to Baltimore where we can drop the rental car. So far not really a problem.

However, getting insurance still is not as easy as all insurance companies made it sound. I still do not have one single quote, even though at least three companies assured me last week that it would be no problem at all if we would only arrive in the US and not in Canada.

Panda is an exotic car, an old car, a converted army-ambulance. Which is why we choose her in the first place. It would have been easier to go for a ten year old Toyoto it now seems. Insurance companies want to see pictures and after sending them it has just been quiet.. No response at all. I’d like to think that is because they are too much in awe because of the beauty of our vehicle. I am afraid that is not the case though.

Well, hopefully one of them will still be willing to give us coverage, preferably before February 11th, when Panda will be shipped. Driving around in the US uninsured is not advised I guess??

To be continued…

Beautiful Panda..