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This week we will be on the road for six months. Six months of travel through the US, Canada and Alaska. How did we do?

We have driven almost 27.000 kilometers. Way, WAY more than we planned. We thought our total trip from the US to Argentina in 16 months would be about 40.000. I guess we can safely say that we will end up with some more kilometers than expected..

So far, we spent about 2500 euro’s per month. Largely 50% of that is on gas. Like we said, we have driven far more than expected and with a vehicle that does 1:4,5 (11 miles on a gallon) at best, this is quite expensive. At least another 10% is spent on maintenance for Panda. I think about 25% on food, maximum 5% on campgrounds and the last 10% is miscellaneous. The first three months in the US were very cheap, the two months in Canada and Alaska very expensive (almost +30%) and the last month in the US was expensive too, due to maintenance on Panda and the fact that we got her some new shoes.
We budgeted about 30-35.000 for a year, so I guess we are on track. This cost is only our “on the road” money, unfortunately we still have some cost in the Netherlands too. (Health/travel insurance, furniture storage etc) .

I earned a little bit of money at copywriting jobs, with an increase of 200% in the last month, now that we have better internet and I can do more. If that is the trend, I am very happy. (If there is anyone out there who would like to have a commercial text written for a website or magazine, just let me know )

So far, Panda is doing fine. The biggest cost we had was the clutch that broke down and the tyres we had to replace. Both were normal wear and tear though. The clutch was the original, 35 years old and the tyres were about 80% when we bought them before we left. We had the oil changed, two brake cilinders replaced, the valves adjusted and the air filter replaced. All normal after 25.000 kilometers.

Dunya turned ten mid April. If you research the net, then that is the average age for a Rottweiler. Fortunately she is still going strong. She has not been ill, she is happy and curious every time we open the door in a new place. The food tastes fine and being with “mommy and daddy” 24/7 is just perfect. Her legs are a bit weak and she cannot hike for hours anymore, but she still wants to play with every dog who comes to visit and she loves to swim.


We are still going strong too! After the first few months of adjusting, to the road, to living in a small space, to traveling, to not working, we have now found a certain rhythm. Michel tries to go for a run at least three times a week. I start the day with yoga almost every other day. We eat well and sleep well most of the time. Of course we fight every now and then, which we usually solve by taking some much needed “alone time”. Normally that means that Michel goes for a long walk…

In 6 months we need to take a decision what to do next year. Go back? Continue? Get a job abroad? We try not to think a about that yet. We have given ourselves a year off to relax and enjoy the freedom. What happens next is a question for another day…