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OK, for all the family and friends that were worried – you can take at least one breath as we are fine. Getting into Mexico through the new border crossing just south of Mission TX was a good experience for Gaila and I. Not only did we not have to deal with lines, everyone was quite friendly and very helpful in our first “South of the Border” effort.


Our actual ride into Monterrey was quite uneventful – save for the $12 worth of tolls we paid each to take the SAFE road. That and the general challenges of navigating in a strange country. Aside from the obvious, taking the main road allowed us to get into the heart of Monterrey by 2pm. Guess what? All of the rumors about hotels letting you park in the lobby are fundamentally true. We were treated like VIP’s



We tooled around the city center for a few good hours tonight. What a treat. Now electronic updates and prepping for tomorrow. Excited about Real de Catorce. Mountains and a much smaller village.






A couple of highlights from today:

– could not believe some of the very obvious and stark differences as soon as we crossed the border.
– today was a reminder of why I hate toll roads
– today was a reminder why I like to visit cities. Monterrey is very vibrant.
– today was a reminder of why I dislike riding with multiple people in crazy city traffic. Gaila did great job indeed, but having to worry about two or more is a real chore.
– trash is ever-present in the Mexican city. Pervasive in each of the areas we went through
– was reminded how kind people can be. GM of hotel, bell guy greeted us with welcome arms and guided us and our bikes into the hotel with premier and secure parking; Pepe the complete stranger who was very interested and interesting….
– enjoying the well deserved Cerveza and Tacos on the street were as good as we expected them to be.
– after doing America, Canada and Mexico is as wonderful as we had hoped it would be :-0
– hawks in Mexico are cool. Just like in Texas I was busy watching, dodging and wishing I could spend more time with the awesome birds of prey/raptors.

OK, time for some rest after a very early morning and WAY TOO MUCH stress about coming over. I know I have many days to fine tune this opinion, but people – we need to be more accepting and friendly with our neighbors :-) If given half a chance they will be so with us…

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