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PanAmericanHwy“How about we drive to from California to Argentina after Africa?” Anna asks casually over dinner to which Russ replies “Why not!”

All those months ago this question seem ambitious yet so enticing.

That one idea has led us to this point in space and time. We have holed up in San Diego in an RV park with a 4WD Truck named Troy and a pop top slide in camper called the Penthouse with a whole lot of junk in the trunk. It’s our last night on US soil and tomorrow morning at sparrows fart we will drive to Tijuana and cross the Mexican border to start Global Inc Safari Part 2. Driving all the way to the bottom of the world!

mosquito-cartoonIt’s been a hectic, rushed and crazy 4 weeks in California. Our arrival in LAX was meant to be a momentous moment filled with high 5’s and bum dancing.  But as we dragged our sorry asses through US customs and Immigration the moment was lost in our nausea. Anna was wrecked from vomiting for the entire 26 hour transit from Kenya and Russ was still in recovery from his tussle with that damn mozzie and the malaria that’s following him, we simply looked at each other and said “Here we go again”

DSCN2890We have driven the I5 Highway from Sacramento (California’s most undesirable city) to Palm Springs , from San Diego to San Francisco and back again… and then back to Sacramento for good measure. We felt the frequent flyer miles stack up on our travel cards whilst collecting our truck & our camper, a few tools & camping gear, beer, double whooper  burgers, El Pollo Loco tacos and even some amazing San Francisco friends along the way. We unwillingly discovered Wal-Mart and Home Depot, Sears and Pep boys, Haemorrhaging our hard earned cash into these giant chain super stores feeling more and more drained as the days went by. Days and dollars were spent under the hood at mechanic shops, fine tuning the transmission, suspension and brakes all for Troy’s well-being.  This was done in aid of building our Troys confidence to carry us, our 650 kg penthouse and 200 kg of kit down Latin Americas variety of super highways & nasty truck wrecking bush tracks to Argentina.

DSC_7261We would like to say the last month has been fun, enjoyable even, yet alas we cannot. There has been tears and tantrums, stress and strains. Pulling this off in a foreign country was never going to be an easy task in unfamiliar cities and living out of packs. We tried to remember our US fun times but not many spring to mind during this mammoth mission apart from one exception. We were able to spend our very first American Thanks Giving with new friends in San Francisco while also experiencing the Golden Gate Bridge and exploring SF for a day. Thank you to some lovely ladies and gents for making us so welcome and sharing their giant turkey bird and creamed mash with 2 lonely Kiwis.

DSCN2894Sometimes you have to roll through the bad to get to the good and we somehow pulled it together. Once again we have knots in our bellies and the nerves and excitement have crept back before we yet again cross into the unknown. It’s the night before we hit the road again into very unfamiliar territory. We ponder on the journey ahead, one that has come with so many “you are going to die” warnings. We sit and wait for the sun to rise, Penthouse is packed and Troy is fuelled up & ready to roll. Next stop is Baja, California and our very first taste of Mexico and Latin America. There is some huge adventures waiting for us and ready or not we are on our way!

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