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Relaxing in Chetumal

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We’ve spent the last several days in the Yax-Ha resort near Chetumal. It’s a very nice place on the water, with lots of grass for Milo and fiberglass cannons.

20130114 IMGP0375 600x397 Relaxing in Chetumal


20130111 IMGP0373 600x397 Relaxing in Chetumal

We had met Tom and Sharon in San Cristóbal and then in Palenque.


20130114 IMGP0379 600x397 Relaxing in Chetumal

Lynn and Kent camped in their mansion on wheels next to us. They are friends of the Dangerz as well, which was funny to realize as we talked.


20130114 IMGP0383 265x400 Relaxing in Chetumal

Jean is driving a small motorcycle he bought in Chiapas.


20130114 IMGP0386 600x397 Relaxing in Chetumal

Kent got some Rum to go with the coconuts we got from the trees around the campground.


20130111 IMGP0361 600x397 Relaxing in Chetumal

Milo is losing his fear of water. Here he is just after aborting a mission of getting the ball. Too many waves.

We also met a couple of German couples on very long, ten year trips. One of the nights we had a potluck dinner. I’m sure Stephanie will post about how well that went for her. Let’s say there is a food allergy she didn’t know about.

20130111 IMGP0366 600x397 Relaxing in Chetumal

All in all, a very relaxing bunch of days. We both got some work done, and we made some new friends. Now we are heading back to Chiapas, and from there to Oaxaca.

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