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Reentry & Landing

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And so it begins…

On Sunday Gaila and I uneventfully (for the most part) crossed the Mexican border back into our wonderful homeland – good old U.S. of A.   Despite my concerns the US border guards were pleasant and efficient, if not welcoming. 

Once we turned the corner and started our pleasant ride down the twisty Hwy 94 towards San Diego (we crossed at Tecate) a general sense of euphoria began to kick in.  And it kept building – a wonderful feeling to be sure.  I think it stemmed mostly from two things:  first a general sense of accomplishment that we have made it this far, over 37,000 miles to date.  Second, and perhaps most importantly, we made it safely through Mexico and all the other Central American countries where specific people and the media at large told us not to go.  WE DID IT! 

Bajafun2 1024x656 300x192 Reentry & Landing

Baja – Dirt to pavement – making it back from Mike’s Sky Ranch

No heads were lost, no jail time was spent and we found nothing but genuine warm hearts and beautiful sights.   I honestly can’t say enough good things about our travel in Central America and Mexico.  Yes, I would find a way to address the water problems, the trash problem and educational challenges but these are just the hopes and wishes of a traveler.  The people in these places are genuine and are just like us in that they too seek happiness & health and the living that provides a chance at these both.  

DSC 0070 800x536 300x201 Reentry & Landing

Gaila doing the things that we need to do

It is so wonderful to begin seeing our friends and family.  We have missed you all so much.  Reunions are a special thing and we will be cherishing them all.  Thankfully Erin, Kevin, Terry, Walter & Stella were able to give super warm welcomes and a place or two to stay. 

Erin Gaila Kevin cooking 1024x685 300x200 Reentry & Landing

Squirting lemon in Kevin’s eye was not part of the original cooking plan.

friends 1024x685 300x200 Reentry & Landing

Fredrick, Ariel and Terry – OMG how wonderful to reunite after Darwin!!!

Warm and wonderful 1024x685 300x200 Reentry & Landing

Todd – just do it and leap – your boat is waiting. Thank you Terry!!!!

Now for us and me specifically, it is time to think long and hard about what’s next.  Do I jump back into the software career that I have truly enjoyed and value (although with new perspectives now) or should I take multiple leaps of faith and confidence to do something completely different?  I have learned to do well with a whole lot less this past year.  Indeed, I am much happier rich in experience than in things.  However, I am not naive and I understand that money makes so many things possible,  including this great trip.   Perhaps I can do both and have it all?  Yes, I think that sounds like the best plan.  Wonder if I can pull it off?  Think I will spend some quality time considering the Meet,Plan,Go website: http://meetplango.com/   Here is the interview they did with us early in our trip: http://b2b.meetplango.com/2012/06/photo-friday-overlandnow/

Reorganize 1 1024x768 300x225 Reentry & Landing

Picking up needed things and sending others home

Gaila and I have so many ideas, dreams and visions for the future it is a challenge to filter and select.  Deep consideration and time will help.   For now, I think considering the options and appreciating the things that lay themselves out if front of us will be step one.   Today we are prepping for a radio interview with Sam’s Diego from a California station in Alpine CA. (107.9 The Mountain) http://my1079.com/programs/shows/sams-diego  Should be pretty cool, but I am dreading that question – “What has been the best part of place of your trip?”  How does one respond to this when we have been to so many places and met so many amazing people?  I guess we will figure it out. 

After that we are heading to Arizona for the Overland Expo www.overlandexpo.com which was amazing last year and this year we were invited to be in the “Featured Vehicle” section and speak with the Muskoka Foundation crew about our volunteering at www.dogoodasyougo.org .  Pretty exciting stuff for a couple of poor old travelers. 


zen 1024x686 300x200 Reentry & Landing

Hoping our re-entry is this Zen

DSC 0049 800x536 300x201 Reentry & Landing

Getting great service at BMW of Escondido CA – thanks Jack & CJ


Car ride 800x600 300x225 Reentry & Landing

Wow, a car ride!

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