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The ride up the Baja from La Paz to Loreto was windy, quite a strong headwind in fact, so much so that we were on reserve at just over 130 miles, 50 miles earlier than usual. One other factor of course is that it’s been a while since we could sit at 70mph plus so that has a huge bearing on fuel consumption. The last 40 miles of so into Loreto is quite dramatic scenery wise, a curving road with great scenery and the sea hovering in and out of view.
We rolled into Loreto and found our way to the 1697 restaurant bar & Hotel where we met out hosts Kieran and Norma and their son Patricio. A welcome beer went down well followed by several others with a great meal.
Loreto is a small town, (founded in 1697 by Jesuit missionaries) touristy, catering for the Americans and Canadians getting away from their weather, its a really nice place and well worth a visit. We took a boat trip out to one of the island and were blown away by the amazing wildlife, Cormorants, Pelicans, Osprey’s , Sea lions, and n amazing show from some dolphins passing our boat, we even saw a whale but weren’t fast enough to get a photo! On a quiet white sandy beach we ran into Julie & Neil from Chicago who we’d met the previous night, of all the beaches in all the places ……
So we’re here for a few days rest from riding the bike  then heading North towards the USA which is still around 700 miles away. 
Our Home for a few days, 1697!
The town Hall
Especially for my sister, Loreto Church
Scary Fiona
Cool Place (But hot!)
For my Telecom pals, stealth Palm tree!!
View of the town centre
Pelican in flight
And again
Shadow of bird looking at crabs, mmm food
Blue footed Ducks
Sea Lions, very noisy & smelly
In for a swim
Dolphins showing off
Thar she blows
Life on the road….OK on the beach!!
Leading the way
Pretty harbour
And its goodbye from him
And him!!