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After yesterday’s warnings in Huaylloma from the military about the roadblocks by the two warring communities, we set off this morning wondering what we’d come across. What we got first was not expected. A broken down Toyota.

With neither us nor the driver sure what exactly was wrong, other than the engine wouldn’t start, we asked the driver if he had far to go and would he like a tow. Not far: over the hill and just past the lake. So we hitched the Toyota up to Landy and set off.

Just over the hill and past the lake we spotted a village where we stopped to check with the Toyota driver if this was the place. Before we could get that far we were both surrounded by the men of the village who were behaving moderately aggressively towards us. Turns out this was one of the warring villages!! And not where the Toyota driver lived. With the men trying to block our path by standing in our way, we both hit our door locks as Paul edged Landy forward, the Toyota still in tow.

Turned out ‘just past the lake’ was another 24 kilometres, down a side turning, to a tiny community of about a dozen properties, where the Toyota driver was welcomed with open arms and expressions of concern about his car. Our role over we headed back out on to the main road towards our next destination, Uncia. There were no more road blocks and we were able to enjoy the driving and beautiful Bolivian scenery once more.