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As promised (and as usually, late), a selection of the 3,000+,(no joke) photos from Galapagos: Click Here.  We’ve omitted the ones with the boatloads (literally) of old folk in goofy hats, white socks and sandals who we managed to beat every time that we went onshore.

NattieK and a few new new friends…

Do you think this was worth losing a kidney each for? (we’re still debating that among us.

In a few months, once we catch up with the Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia posts, we’ll post on Galapagos… for anyone still remotely interested in this.


Author: Beaglebound

One day not so long ago, we were going through our usual ritual of daydreaming about quitting our jobs in the corporate world, leaving most of it behind and going on a long journey to faraway lands. What was unusual this time was that Natalie asked a brutally simple question: ”WHY NOT?”

Shocked its stark simplicity, we searched for the answer using the formidable mass of “tools” learnt through our years of school and work (think SWOT) – but alas, it was all for naught. Soon, the answer dawned upon us: Why not? ”only because we’re scared” and the only thing stopping us was ourselves.

And so, we’ve quit our jobs, put our careers on hold, gotten married and geared up to drive Fred, our 2004 Toyota Tacoma, from Houston, Texas to the Beagle Channel at the southern tip of the Americas.

We are Natalie and Alex and we are only halfway sure of what we’re doing but we’re doing it anyway.