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15th September 2012 – 16th September 2012

Gardabani (Georgia) to Qazax (Azerbaijan) border crossing:

Note! You must go through the border on the main road.  You cannot cross at Kesalo, and it is a long way back to Rustavi if you make this mistake (no bridge across the river to get back to the main road).

We arrived at the Georgian border at about 10am and had finished both the Georgian exit and Azerbaijani entry formalities by 10.40am.

On the Georgian side, you just join the queue and everything is processed at the same window by the same guard.

On the Azeri side you have to show your passport (and visa) at the entry gate and then pull over to the left, just after the large administration building, but before the covered inspection area.  Likely a nice guard will help you through the process, but here it is in any case:

1.  You have to buy insurance at one of the middle rooms.  There is a table of prices hung up on the wall, and the cost is calculated according to engine size.  We paid €62 for one month, as we have the largest engine size, at 5000 cc and over.  They accept payment in Azeri Manat, Georgian Lei, US dollars or Euros.  You will need the car registration document and your passport.

2. You have to go to the next window to get road tax.  This costs the equivalent of $15.  They again need all of your details and the cars details.  You will get a receipt with a bar code on it.

3. Drive your vehicle into the covered inspection area.  Military and customs will inspect the car.

4. More or less at the same time, go to the first window with your passports and car papers.  This is passport control and they will stamp you into the country.  You will be given a small laminated card with “Giris” and a number on it.

5.  Once you have your passports back, you will be asked to drive to the front of the inspection area and your car may be checked again.

6. You can now proceed to the exit gantry, where you hand the small card back to the guard.