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Dead Sea Depression – definitely one of the most amazing places in the world. It is situated in beautiful landscape of the Jordan Rift Valley and it’s the lowest spot on earth at more than 400m below sea level. The Dead Sea depression is called by Jordanians the “Sunken Land”, however, it is been observed that the sea is shrinking – it has already shrunk by 30% in recent years. The water in the Dead Sea is extremely salty. No wonder that the sea name is derived from the fact that the water is too salinated for marine inhabitation. When waters evaporate, they leave rich deposits of salts and minerals, which are used in agriculture, medicine and other industries.

We were in Jordan at the beginning of July, which is not really the best time for exploring some of this country sites – Dead Sea is one of them. When we were getting closer to the sea it was getting warmer and warmer. The air was thicker and muggier. We were feeling like in Sauna – it was extremely hot!

When we arrived at the Dead Sea coast, it was getting dark. We wanted to find a nice spot for a night, but we got disappointed. GPS showed us lots of campsites, but there were located in Israel (!!!) We discovered that tourism at the Dead Sea on Jordan site is not well – developed. There are few 5 stars hotel (obviously expensive) and 2 resorts. We wanted to just spend a night at one of those two resorts’ parkings, but they wanted to charge us around 50 USD for a night (in our case this money that would be spent for usage of bathroom and sleeping at the not even secured parking space). We gave up and we started driving around, looking for a spot. We found a road going uphill, which led us to the Visitor Center Gate. We talked with a manager and he allowed us to park at his premises and take a shower for only 10JD (12 USD). We felt really relieved. Additionally, being much higher (above the depression) caused that air was fresher and it was much colder. In the morning we had a chat and cup of coffee with our host. After one hour talking he didn’t want any money from us. We were seriously grateful.

Later we of course decided to explore the Dead Sea Coast and surroundings. We didn’t want to pay for any resort beach, so we found a nice spot nearby (our private placeJ) and we had a dip in the sea. It was a weird experience. Normally, when you are taking a sunbath, waters cool you down – here was totally different – Water of the Dead Sea was hotter than the air – it was like taking a hot bath. Nevertheless, swimming? Hmmm…No, rather floating or walking (?) in the sea was absolutely amazing :D

The Rift Jordan Valley
Parking is a parking- you can park everything here even camels
Dead Sea Coast and view of 5Stars hotels
Amazing sunset
our spot for night
In the morning we had an amzing view on Israel
Towards the Sea again
the road was winding, we need to drive carefully to not oveheat brakes
Salty coast
Lots of deposits of salt
walking/floating :)
increadible white salty coast
We also visited some ruins
going up was horrible because of heat, but it gave us....
a nice view:)