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After long consideration we Decided to drastically change our plans …. but than again not really. We shall start our ride in Arnhem but in stead of going south we’ll turn west to Rotterdam. There we will store our car in a Seecontainer whichwill be put on a ship to Cape Town. After about four weeks on the Atlantic Ocean hopefully our car arrives undamaged in Cape Town. From Cape Town we hope we can drive all the way back to the Netherlands via the eastern (and our original) route through Africa.


There are few reasons to change our plan to drive from Arnhem to South Africa. The most important Reason is that it is not easy to reach Egypt from Europe. Yes, there are options.The car can be put on a ferry from Turkey to Egypt (passengers have to take a flight). But these ferries are not certain and it has to be seen if they still operate in september. And than there are stories about stealing or equipment from the car during the trip on the boat.Going through Tunisia and Libya is an option. But with a € 325, – visa for Libya and the far from safe situation at this time and possibly worse in the near future this is not an alluring option either. The route through Israel and the Sinai peninsula is off limits Because The Egyptian army is fighting terrorist in That region and 4×4 vehicles are not allowed to pass through.


We “only” have four months for this trip and we do not want to take the risk That our adventure ends or will be seriously delayed in southern Europe. By starting in Cape Town and travel north we can cover a huge part of Africa. And in case we run into problems when we reach Egypt, by than we did most part of the route through Africa. But of course we hope we can complete our trip all the way to our home. When this is not possible, we can ship our car back home to the Netherlands from Egypt, Port Sudan or Djibouti. A small detour via Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel might be possible.


So .. at this time, we have put our attention to international shipping, containers and the bureaucracy Which is part of it. And of course we continue to prepare our car and collect equipment.