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Hi all, just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on and what’s new.

Firstly, I’ve had a Birthday and I’m now 26 and feeling rather old, thankfully we have been that busy I haven’t had too much time to dwell on it! We have been route planning, budgeting and sorting like crazy, let’s hope it all pays off! We will now be driving into France, then Italy, taking a ferry from Italy to Greece,  2 ferries over to Turkey (as there is no direct ferry from Greece straight into Turkey)  and one more ferry from Turkey to Egypt. Let’s hope Beefy doesn’t get sea sick! This also means I can put my Dads mind at rest slightly as we don’t have to go anywhere near Libya or Syria. We had to change the 1’st idea as if you have an Israel stamp in your passport you can’t get into Sudan – they don’t like to make this overland thing easy!

Next we have had amazing support from some very generous people , the guys over at John Richards surplus are helping us with all the spare’s we need to take with us just in case, well actually for when Beefy brakes down, we all know how reliable defenders can be! Now all we have to do is learn what to do with them! Please take some time to find out a little bit more about them – links are on our `Sponsors’ Page. We have also been sponsored with the most up to date Tracks 4 Africa maps to use on our SatNav – no excuse for getting lost now! For anyone who is planning an overland trip through Africa they are pretty essential. We are also doing really well with getting the 2Do Africa word out there and are up to over 100 likes on Facebook and nearly 70 followers on Twitter going up by the day. The website also has a high number of new and returning visitors every day! (Bryn is a massively obsessed with Twitter and checking our stat’s at the min though :) ) We have also had lots of interest from various newspapers and magazines who would like to do features on us – The Hinckley Times will soon have a double page spread as well as follow up articles during the trip to track our progress.

 Next up, we now have a Logo YEYY, (will be up on the website soon) created for us by Steve Irving a great friend, Steve is also getting the vinyl’s printed for us for the side of Beefy as well as T-shirst, Thanks Steve!

Obviously the whole reason we are putting all this effort into getting the 2Do Africa word out there is to help us raise money for our charities. We have had some great news about that too, as Bryn works for Carphone Warehouse they have a scheme whereby employees can ask for sponsorship. They have offered us the maximum they can, a massive £200 so we are now up to a total of £340 and counting, thank you so much for all your support every penny will really make a massive difference.  Just wanted to add a massive thanks in here to my Mum who is driving sponsorship as much as she can – tonight she is having a pie an peas night an charging family to come an eat :)

Rite now weekends/any spare time doesn’t really exist for us, its all taken up by some part of planning, researching and sorting things for the trip. Today’s task is trying to find a new cover for our roof tent as ours has had it. I’m also trying to find a new mattress not all that easy for Eezi-Awn roof tents trust me, so if any one reading this has any help please let me know! I would love a new roof tent, I’ve been dreaming of the Howling Moon Star Gazer since I saw one at the Billing LRO show, unfortunately there is no room in the budget L so as they say it’s make do an mend for us! The rest of the week is to be spent finalising the Carnet, trying to sort what immunisations we need before the trip, buying more kit that we can’t afford (we really need a decent BBQ, pots to cook with and some camping chairs, so again any suggestions please get in touch) then more planning and sorting and maybe a little bit more paper work oh and also maybe a little bit of going to work, eating and sleeping, but just a little! ONLY 57 DAYS TO GO – AGGGHHHHHH