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Amman is the capital of Jordan and also city of contrasts – a unique blend of old and new. There are plenty of modern buildings, hotels, restaurant, coffee shops and art galleries. The city is crowned by the Citadel and a hill with ruins of the Temple of Hercules. At the foot of the Citadel lies the huge Roman Theater. According to Lonely Planet – almost half of Jordan’s population is concentrated in Amman. The residential areas consist of three-lined streets and avenues with nicely situated uniformly white houses, which give a unique look of the city.

We didn’t spend much time in Amman, but we quite enjoyed it. It was crowded, but not touristy as we thought.

And we also discovered that Wi-Fi in McDonalds is seriously working, so when you need access to the internet, that place can be your first choice :)

Towards Amman
View on Amman
in downtown
in downtown
Ruins of Temple of Hercules
Ruins of Temple of Hercules
View on the residential ares
Roman Theatre
Roman Theatre
Roman Theatre
Inside the site - amazing collection of jewellery
and culture clothing