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After a really long drive in Syria we entered Jordan via Jaber, which is probably one of the most used border crossing by visitors. The whole process with paper work took us around two hours. We got our visas at the border – 20JD (Jordan Dinar) =  around 30 USD (and it is for most of the nationalities).

We needed to use our carnet again and we paid between 70 and 100 USD car fees including vehicle tax and car insurance – we took option valid for a week. I am not able to tell exact cost, which we paid for our Rusty as somehow we lost all receipts and slips from that border. It was cheaper than in Syria, but still expensive.

Significant issue – We needed to exchange our USD at the border as only Jordan Dinars were accepted as a currency.

 When we sorted our papers out at the border it was already dark, we parked at the nearest petrol station and we went to sleep. In the morning we started feeling very hungry. First bigger town called Irbid positively surprised us as we were able to buy delicious bread (Naan) and funny buns with famous to that region spice – “zatar”

Towards food
In front of bakery
buns, buns, buns...
buns with everything you can imagine colorful spices
This is how we make it - Naan
Hunger has big eyes - buns with zatar